Thursday, May 07, 2009

The European Parliament condemns the prosecution against Rosales, denouncing deterioration of democrcy in Venezuela


Well, it looks like if the Obama combo prefer to remain silent about the prosecution against Rosales (and Ledezma, and Capriles, and Perez, and, and, and...) the European Parliament is not amused. Today it passed a resolution to that effect.

Coverage is sort of amusing. Left leaning Spain El Pais reports it without any questioning from their part. Then again the Spaniards were the first Europeans to see clearly through Chavez game. Deutsche Welle confirms. Telesur on the other hand focuses that only 3% of the Eurodeputies voted. As if that would change the message, as if the other 97% of the Eurodeputies were easily conned by 3%..... In fact the Telesur note could be read as implying that actually the socialist wing of the Euro Parliament was not in agreement with the wording but not in disagreement enough with the intention to present a counter resolution. Telesur interprets that as support for Chavez. Bwahahahaha.....

Anyway, if Telesur doubts of the legality or intention of an European Parliament resolution it could simply consult the web page of the parliament where the same few percent approved resolutions condemning the arrest of Roxana Saberi in Iran, the Madagascar coup and the prosecution or Rosales. The three of them in the same communique. You can read it here in French, or in English if you prefer. Whatever parliamentary procedure was chosen it still does not detract to the fact that Rosales prosecution is considered by Europe as a Human Rights violation. Or is Telesur going to support the Madagascar coup?

I do not know why Telesur takes umbrage since it is in the business of defending unconstitutional resolutions that change the fate of a country by a monochromatic parliament that was voted in by barely 10% of its people...


There is another coverage that I think we should not miss: the BBC "mundo" section who explains as it is why the EU parliament motion matters. But we also find there one of the first official reactions form Venezuela and it is, well, hysterical. The vice minister for Europe, a certain Fleming, with certainly not the brain power of his namesake, and probably not much more than the one of a lemming, said "It is not a matter of Human Rights, it is a political attack by the groups of the extreme right that holds hostage the European Parliament because it is the majority".

You cannot make stuff like that up! The vice minister dares to criticize the EU chamber as he represents a country whose parliament is a mere rubber stamp... These people have truly no sense of ridicule.

And what does the BBC in English reports? A lame article on Barreto indictment written down almost as it was designed to justify the abuses against Rosales and Baduel just because Barreto ALSO is indicted. Of course poor Will Grant only shows that when he looks at Venezuela he has no sense of proportion and of meaning for the real thing. No question seems to nag him as to why Barreto has no problem in staying in Venezuela whereas Baduel is already in jail and Rosales in exile, supported by the EU parliament. Get a clue Will!

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