Thursday, May 07, 2009

Financing Chavez supporters

The ways Chavez finds to finance his multiple supporters are truly wondrous. From Peru we get this week the complete scheme through which the wife of Ollanta Humala, runner up in the last Peruvian election, got her grocery money, and some more.

Apparently Nadine Humala was paid monthly 4,000 USD by the Daily Journal as an alleged correspondent. Never mind that the Daily Journal limited circulation never justified such a payment for a foreign correspondent who apparently never got one of her notes published. Never mind by the way that the Daily Journal as a Venezuelan paper should have declared how it managed to get 4,000 USD under a strict system of currency exchange control. Never mind that since the Daily Journal was bought by a pro Chavez group it quickly floundered as soon as people noticed its loss of independence, the Daily Journal being reduced to free distribution to hotel guests so that they would have to read about the wonders of the Bolivarian Revolution (or so I was told anyway).

Note: in Peru, 4,000 a month is an excellent paycheck, the more so that you only send a script on occasion. I wonder how much are Forero or Romero paid by their respective US journal... Surely if the Daily could afford such a sum for Nadine, Simon and Juan must cashing in big time!

We also learned on how other forms of financing that Nadine has been receiving, which apparently are justifying that Ollanta Humala can live without a job and dedicate himself fully to his presidential bid of 2011.

I love it, and it allows me to hope that we will learn more about the financing of other little fish supporting Chavez such as Weisbrot or la Golinger (not to mention some of the web apologists that harass us on occasion).

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