Friday, May 08, 2009

Globovision threatened once again

And to close an already hectic day, the government had no better idea to confirm all the abuses it is accused to commit by foreign organizations (EU an IACHR just today) but to send once again papers to Globovision that should this time close it for 72 hours. Or worse.

We must remember that earlier this year Globovision was very threatened but the decision to proceed to a referendum cooled off chavismo impulses. But now that protests increase daily in Venezuela as the "economic Chavez miracle" is unraveling faster than expected, well, Globovision needs to be shut down so people do not know what is going on in the country, even if they know first hand anyway. Or so goes the chavista theory.

The excuse?
That Globovision spoke before the government spoke after the mini quake of last Monday. Apparently that was an invitation to public disorder and an attack to the security of the state (anything that goes agaisnt chavismo these days seems to attempt agaisnt the security of the state). In other words the government is giving a new meaning to "shoot the messenger", where news are only news when they are announced by the state first. As an example of chavista stupidity, and meanness, it is nearly matchless.

-The end-

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