Monday, June 01, 2009

Now Chavez is canceling his Salvador trip!

OK, something is going on, it is official.

Can anyone imagine that Chavez will miss the inauguration of a possible new pawn in his empire building strategy? True, Funes, Salvador president elect, has said that his model is Lula, not Chavez. Yet, can you conceive Chavez not attending such a bash, missing such an opportunity to trash the US?

Saturday and Sunday events were all canceled without any explanation. Evo Morales trip to Venezuela was also suspended (hey were supposed to go together to Salvador, Evo never misses a chance to hitch a ride on a Venezuelan plane). And now Chavez cancels on Salvador (hat tip Charly though I use another link).

Let all speculations begin, from the final croaking of Fidel to an internal coup that Chavez is quelling as I type, to of course and overdose in Chavez medications that need to pass before they show him again.

PS: let's hold a poll in the comments as to what ails Chavez.

-The end-

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