Sunday, July 05, 2009

In other bad news for Chavez: Mexico votes the PRD in a distant third place

Remember Mexico's election three years ago? When Lopez Obrador and the PRD refused to recognize the close victory of Calderon even though the PAN was winning the congress vote with a PRI in a distant third?

Well, today the PRD is paying the price for stupid opposition and for not cutting on time links with hysterical politicians like Obrador or Chavez. The PRI seems to make a spectacular come back and perhaps making it to a Congress majority while the PAN victim of a crisis from outside, the flu and a drug war still manages to retain a honorable second. Good news for Honduras too, Chavez might not be anymore in such a hurry to take over. With a 13% at best for the PRD and a divided left, and many inside who do not like Chavez, it seems that the big enchilada of XXI century socialism will have to wait far into the next decade.

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