Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moi, Tintin and Armstrong, 1969

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Welcome to the Moon, Mr. Armstrong.
Hergé sent this special drawing to Armstrong in 1969.

Yes, I am a Tintin product. I would not say that I learned to read over Tintin books but they were certainly among my very first reads. I prefer not to speculate on Tintin's influence on making me a scientist and a steady blogger, but I am pretty sure there is something to it.

And of course this is my favorite one. I tried to find my old copy, which not surprisingly is the most battered of all my Tintin books. I wanted to take a pic of that really worn out book and post it (not a promise, a threat). But I cannot find it as it is still in some of my recent moving boxes. So I got this one off the net which is a good thing because a portion of my old cover is missing.

And yes, on my desk there is a small replica of the rocket and I look at it everyday. And yes I reread the book (I bought a newer edition because, well, pages also are missing) at least once a year. And after all of these years I can still feel the epic.

So there, I have told you you more about my real self in this single post than in the whole previous 6 years of blogging.

Happy Moon landing anniversary Mr. Armstrong!

-The end-

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  1. I often think it would've been a great gesture to the people of Belgium if a copy of Explorers On The Moon had be left on the moon's surface during that inaugural landing! I certainly see that as a touching moment!


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