Sunday, August 02, 2009

Articles that set the agenda: Simon Romero of the NYT describes Venezuela's involvement in helping the FARC

Sometimes I wonder whether Chavez realizes that what sets the tone in foreign chanceries is not necessarily his endless speeches and attacks but articles like the one Simon Romero penned for the New York Times today. In a calm and dispassionate manner Mr. Romero describes without unnecessary details all the main proved elements that indicate an active support of Venezuela government for the FARC narco-guerilla cum terrorist group. It would be worth for any court of law to use to draft a preliminary indictment of Chavez and some of his ministers.

The thing is that now there is so much direct evidence that one wonders how come no one is in jail yet. Let's take the case of Rodriguez Chacin, twice interior minister of Chavez, and thus twice in charge of the security apparatus of Chavez. I use the term of "security apparatus of Chavez" as it is painfully acknowledged that Rodriguez Chacin cared little for the every day security of Venezuelans during his tenures.

We all remember that Rodriguez Chacin was welcoming the hostages released by the FARC more than one year ago, and we remember even more the warm relationship he seemed to have with the guerrilla, duly captured in video, where he expressed his open support if not admiration for their cause. Each time Rodriguez Chacin leaves the ministry he disappears from public view, from political apparitions. As such we have gathered that he is a special agent of Chavez, brought in and out of government when certain "special" missions are required.

We cannot thus be surprised when Rodriguez Chacin appears in the material seized from the FARC by the Colombian Intelligence services and armed forces. Apparently he has been a major contact for weapon deals with the FARC. And can we be surprised either that the US accuses Rodriguez Chacin of involvement in drug trafficking? The real and only question here is how come Venezuela is not investigating him yet....

And this is just one of the many items touched by Mr. Romero's devastating narrative, the more so that a lot of his stuff is, well, in the public domain now. It was just a matter of putting two and two together and getting the complete version of the FARC computers. All material equally available to the Chavez cronies.

How come Chavez does not see the damage done to him overseas? True, that he sits on much needed oil is a help but the international clouds are getting grayer by the day and his blustery verbal attacks from Honduras to Colombia are not helping him at all.

Or is it that he sees it so well, that the smoking gun to link him directly will be found any time soon, that he decided to go on the offensive and decided to start closing Venezuelan media and curtailing freedom of expression and information. If that is the case, then we may expect the worse with Colombia as they are not going to stand still as they see Chavez backing the FARC openly. including restricted weapons.

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