Sunday, August 09, 2009

Chavez anti Uribe (and anti Colombia) activities

Let's not get dizzy by the constant somersaults that Chavez gives on Colombia. The fact of the matter is that his goal is clear, to remove the current system to place there a system where he and the FARC would have a say. Or some crazy stuff like that. The fact of the matter is that there is a deliberate strategy to sabotage Uribe and prop the FARC. If Chavez has to make such somersaults it is because Uribe sees sharply through Chavez and counters him effectively.

Yesterday Chavez held, and pay for I am willing to bet anything on it, a "conversatorio" on the Colombian situation.

A "conversatorio" is the artifact used by chavismo to hold reunions that they should not be holding publicly by disguising them as "a conversation", a small talk on topics that should never be associated with a government. An informal symposium if you wish, something that does neither has the blessing nor the criticism of the power in place. But as you can see by yourself after you click on the image to the right to see it in full, even those forms are not respected as Chavez cannot resist appearing on top of them all. Unbelievable!!!!!!

As you read through the list of guest, lead by Piedad Cordoba, and as you read the motives you realize one thing: all of these Colombians, no matter what their good intentions might be, SHOULD NOT BE HOLDING SUCH A MEETING IN CARACAS!!!! They are aligning themselves with Chavez at a time their country is being attacked by the host. And that this conversatorio is to fight the invasion of the US in Colombia is no excuse. They could hold it in Bogota, you know. I doubt the government there would break in the room to arrest them as many people are expressing in Colombia their objections on the US/Colombia deal.

You can be free to draw your own conclusions but as far as I know if I were myself to attend such an event in Washington I would probably be investigated as I arrive at the Caracas airport and accused at least in Aporrea of high treason.

And of course, in case you need further proof about Chavez involvement in Colombia internal matters, this paid advertisement is yet another piece to add to the inculpating dossier. With the bills paid to have all of these people come to Caracas.

-The end-

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