Friday, August 07, 2009

PSF tales, the dangerous at the Guardian and the clueless on the net

Just a little note about things that make it to my mail box, an illustration of the mean and dangerous PSF, and an example of those that have too much time in their hands.

It seems that the conflict between Calvin Tucker and the rest of the civilized world continues. Although Calvin Tucker has been duly exposed as a Chavez agent and benefiting from this relationship (directly or indirectly, it does not matter really), he keeps acting out and is not afraid in trying to screw the lives of others while becoming frankly threatening when you dare criticize him. Even this blog has not escaped his ire as I am still breathlessly expecting the promised lawsuit and the exposition of my links to whatever anti Chavez agency is fashionable at a given time. But if Tucker has failed miserably at scaring me, he can still be a pain for people like Alek. This one has listed a compelling account of the low life that Calvin Tucker is, a character that also goes under the pen name of Zin, Dem Deficit and what not. It is amazing that the Guardian still retains (as far as I know) such "writer" for its comment is free section. It would be OK if at least they gave a real right of reply to the people that Calvin tucker offends.

The other example comes from yet a new blog attempting to counter the damage that the oldest trio of blogs keeps inflicting on chavismo through Internet. Let's say that in view of the first posts Quico, Miguel and myself can sleep tight. Chronically Clueless is a humorless try at ridiculing us, using all the already worn out strategies of chavismo. Idiocy: "these guys have a knack for getting everything wrong"; division "Inspired by their most well-known English blog, Caracas Chronicles"; perversity "They make it up"; claiming which are our priorities "But perhaps the most ridiculous and desperate attempt to give the impression of state repression in Venezuela has been the opposition's recent use of the internet communication tool Twitter" and more, all is there in a recipe that is not even refreshed. What is renewed here is a new meaning for "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

The only thing we can say, and charitably, is that whomever is in charge of that new blog is a kid with time but unable to use it to truly understand what we are all about so as to have a chance at being effective at countering us. Note: neither Tucker understand us, but at least he is aware enough of our effect to threaten us, a way for him to acknowledge that he has run out of arguments.

-The end-

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