Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You never know who you really work for

Just a little note to all those believers in Chavez, those ready to justify anything he says or does: you might be working for Uribe. Indeed, taking advantage of the recent events where Chavez looked like a real danger for Colombia Uribe seems to have decided to seek a third term. Until now I had the firm hope that he would not do it, not become just another caudillo like Chavez (though Uribe IS efficient and has his trains run on time, so to speak).

Two notes:

Chavez and Uribe of course benefit from each other to strengthen their power at home. In that regard they are two peas of a pod.

For the record: although there is many to admire in Uribe I want to state clearly and unambiguously that were he to run again for a third term, it could end up a disaster for Colombia. Right now if Uribe retires from executive life he can still have a very productive political career elsewhere and maybe even come back to the presidency in 8 years. Colombia cities will name and rename a lot of stuff on his name. But 4 more years? He might be hated by all, as Chavez will end up being hated by all even if I do not live to see it.

I am against Uribe reelection and will not support it even though I am aware he has a claim to have been one of the best if not the best president of Colombia. And I am saying that without regard to my conviction that there should not be any reelection for any president, Honduras style. It is just that the way things are in Colombia Uribe could lose all he built if he persists in trying to remain in office. The true test of political success is that your programs continue without you.

-The end-

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