Monday, November 09, 2009

A new Twitter address for the war with Colombia

Words, and moderation, fail me to discuss yet the latest threats of war from Chavez against Colombia. Thus, meanwhile, ...

... since he asked us to get ready for war I did my bit by setting a new Twitter account, @yaracuyanito. That way I will be able to report live the blood thirsty CIA directed Colombian troops as they enter San Felipe to loot and rape and what not.

Seriously now. One problem I have in using Twitter is that I do not know whether to Tweet in Spanish or English. Thus I Tweet not. With two Twitter accounts I solve the issue (even though it will be a pain to switch account on my Berry).

@danielduquenal will be from now on in English only
@yaracuyanito will be Spanish only

Contents will be different and in fact @yaracuyanito might be more active, substituting in a way a blog in Spanish for which I have absolutely no time. A mini blog of sorts if you wish, kind of a test run to see if there is indeed a market for me in Spanish (in a perverse way I hope not :), time, time! )

-The end-

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