Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paris ain't Caracas

Just as our silly and bloated wanna-be dictator is shaking the prospect of war with Colombia in Paris a major event was taking place.

Today is Veteran's day (USA) or "le 11 Novembre, l'Armistice" (France). What is commemorated still today with an official ceremony is the end of World War I. Even though there are no more survivors of that war, the impact is still felt in the National Psyche. That is why it is so important to note that it took 91 years to finally see a German chancellor attending the ceremonies at Paris. Not only Merkel was an equal guest at the Arc de Triomphe, but, gasp, the German anthem, Deutschlandlied, was played after the Marsellaise. Even if you do not understand French you can watch the impacting images in this video from Euronews.

Note that the floral offer to the unknown soldier's grave was carried by Sarkozy, Merkel, a French soldier and a German soldier. If France and Germany have learned to live together, what is Chavez problem?

-The end-

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