Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The CNE drops the new electoral circumscriptions

[UPDATED] Tibisay Lucena was announcing the new electoral districts a little while ago.  Of course, so far the CNE page carries nothing though journalists were promised CDs. As expected, Maracaibo and Caracas were gerrymandered to favor chavismo. And as usual I must remind folks that the only way to win an election in Venezuela is to go and vote and stay to make sure that every is counted as it shoudl be. If the opposition does not manage to do that even if district are gerrymandered in their favor they will lose!

At any rate, do not panic, do not start screaming bloody murder, some of those district changes could not be helped even if their timing sucks. As soon as I have access to the new districts I will complete the analysis started last fall. Meanwhile it seems that the CNE did on Miranda what I was suggesting it would do...

Update: the lone independent rector of the CNE board, Vicente Diaz, declared that he did not understand the criteria used by the other 4 chavista women on the board in determining the drawing of the new districts.  He also dryly observed the inconsistency of the decisions made.

So there you have it, elegantly put by Diaz, the new districts were strictly politically motivated , pure gerrymandering to favor Chavez..

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