Monday, January 18, 2010

Weil returns with the electric rationing

Weil was on vacation but he returns, as biting as ever at exposing the Orwellian double speak of the regime.  The cartoon below is Chavez in front of his infamous logo "Venezuela now belongs to all" stating that rationing will go "absolutely" for everyone excepted Caracas.  Note the machine gun on the side.......


  1. 1979 Boat People2:46 PM

    Venezuela natural gas auction closes with no offers

  2. "All people are created equal, but some people are more equal than others". (Orwell) Chavez keeps a copy of "Animal Farm" under his pillow.

  3. Machine gun?
    I was looking at the robot.

  4. Anonymous3:55 AM

    1979 a sample of more things to come? Great link. Thank you for sharing.

    No one invests hard earned money in a project located in a country where the chances are great that the government could one day nationalize without proper compensation.

    For prospective investors there are more fish to catch elsewhere.Venezuela may have natural resources galore but these "NATURAL" riches are more than likely stay just where they are (unavailable and unproductive)as long as Thugo and his gangs stays in charge.

    Thugo has finally done it; no one will take a risk in Venezuela.

    Alejo, Venezuela Paraiso Perdido

  5. Rights are for all.When only some people have them, they're just privileges, and privileges can be taken away.Most people forget that.Chavez thinks he can manipulate because too many don't realize that fact.

    Not too many countries in this world have a long tradition in caring about what the 'people' think, so we have to start with ourselves and each other( the base).

    Most people determine their idea of an "elite" and then consider what the elite thinks and feels more than the others.A subtle form of self centeredness.

    In the case of Chavez , it is taken one step further from Justicia...the only elite for him is he himself.

    The concept " for all" does not exist in his heart.

  6. HalfEmpty, the "robot" is supposed to be a TV camera. One of the very rare cases where Weil has been unintentionally ambiguous.


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