Monday, March 08, 2010

Tampering with blogger

That new format I was forced to move to last December might have lost me years of comments but it does bring other interesting features.  One of them is that it allows me to create up to 10 free standing pages.  One is for 7 years of post but he other nine ones are for whatever I want, though they are equivalent to a single blog post, albeit as long as I want it to be.

I have started working on 4 pages that you will find next to the top right corner watermark photo of this blog, marked as "blog sections".  At this stage it is really a project and suggestions, criticism and assorted commentaries are welcome.  Preferably writing directly at my e-mail address.  The idea is that these pages will end up being a general reference that readers can use when confronting someone with deficient knowledge on Venezuela's reality :)

I think that at least one of the five possible pages left should be readers content, for example recommendations of readers that I am not aware of, that I have had no time to read yet, etc....  After all I have not being able to visit all of the country yet, read all of the books, stayed in all of the posadas, sample all of the food..

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