Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is wrong with this picture?

Reliable reader Anzoategui, for lack of a better pseudo in this non creative moment, sent me this picture he took today at the "terminal" of Barcelona of a parking car (1).  I know, I know, there is a gazillion of perfectly "logical" reasons why a PDVSA official tag for an official use PDVSA vehicle would sport the Cuban flag.  But in Cuba, NOT in Venezuela.  Or maybe it is one of these guys that travels all the time between Havana and Puerto La Cruz, you know, those that bring Raul his monthly allowance so he can kill of starvation more political prisoners........  Whatever it is, I am sure he is not going to get his car towed for illegal parking.  By the way, if Cubans are teaching how to repair tank radios in the Venezuelan army, what are they repairing in PDVSA facilities?  Phone tapping systems?

PDVSA official Cuban car?
1) Terminal: bus station in Venezuela, where you go to take your bus to anywhere else in the country.


  1. Was it in a Cadillac?

    (Clearly not...but I wonder what it is. I'm betting it's not a VenIran make.)

    Oh, and Daniel, you know full well that the Cubans aren't teaching anyone about phone tapping in PDVSA. They do that over at CANTV.

  2. AIO

    It is a KIA.

    You are wrong about phone tapping at CANTV only: what about the inner communications of PDVSA? :)

  3. Boludo Tejano8:14 AM

    The Cubans are teaching Venezuelans their expertise in the oil biznes, just being elder brothers showing younger brothers how it is done. Consider all the oil rigs in Cuba compared to Venezuela!

  4. Daniel, great posts to kick off the week. --Steven

  5. And another government spokesman says that the Colombian spies are learning secrets about Venezuela's infrastructure.


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