Friday, May 07, 2010

5.2 % represent 11.3%

Yesterday I gave you some numbers.  Today came the official ones that are worse than anyone expected: the inflation for April has been 5.2%!  as recognized by the state which means that the real numbers might be a point or two above that 5.2.  The accumulated for the 4 first months of the year is 11.3%.

Draw you own conclusions.

(bonus: now you know why Chavez in a hurry sped up to May 1 the September 1 minimal wage adjustment of 10%)


  1. Impartial8:54 PM

    Like the song goes: you ain't seen nothing yet.

  2. What is there to say? I'm trying to follow the situation in Nicaragua (having been born there), in addition to what's happening in VZ. It's just too much to keep up with (because of HC intervention(s) there! I have family who still lives in NI. What am I, as well as other family members, supposed to do????

  3. Island Canuck6:03 AM

    I keep a list of 64 products & services here in Isla Margarita & the current increase in total price since Jan. 1 is 26.5%.

    Interesting to note that yesterday there were 13 articles on the list that were not on the shelves of this large supermarket.

    This list assumes the purchase of 1 unit of each item and includes things like alcohol & snacks as well as car insurance, DirecTV & HidroCaribe.

  4. Canuck

    Your numbers are probably in alignment with the government not reporting full amount as usual. If the gov says 5.2% and your numbers average a little over 6% per month, I'd reckon your dead on. With the parallel rate up by 60% since January I'm surprised it's not worse.

  5. Mi pensión como la de la mayoria de los venezolanos quienes cotizamos al Seguro Social es de Bs. 1.064,25 mensual contando los 10% acreditados y esperando 10% más en Septiembre para nuestros votos, la canasta básica familiar este mes es de 2.200,00 o más, menos mal no conseguimos carne, azucar, margarina, harina pan, harina, aceite etc.., así pienso que el gobierno es generoso y nos hace ahorrar, lo que pasa no hacemos huelga de hambre. Saquen Uds. sus conclusiones sobre los derechos humanos y demás patrañas que aquí no se respetan. La Maga Lee y Cuenta

  6. Island Canuck11:31 AM

    Fixed prices & no products are probably why the rate is not higher although some products are ridiculously high.

    100% OJ up 84.6%
    Granny Smith apples (imported) up 145.4%
    Crest toothpaste up 86.5%
    Shaving cream up 80%
    Tomatoes up 182%
    Cauliflower up 174.6%
    Avocado up 420.7%
    Green pepper up 141%
    Romaine lettuce up 42.7%

    Some of the items that were unavailable yesterday were rice, sugar, spaghetti, mayonnaise, cooking oil, margarine, eggs, sliced yellow cheese, etc.


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