Wednesday, May 26, 2010

About Felix Osorio saying that food cannot be merchandise

Yesterday I reported about the inanity of Ministro de la Alimentacion Felix Osorio saying that food cannot be a merchandise.  Tal Cual's Weil gives the perfect perspective of these words.

Chavez: This cannot be used as a merchandise... [holding an arepa in his hand, the basic food item of Venezuelans]
The poor huddled masses:  Uh-Ah- [chavista cheers!, before they receive the arepa]
Chavez: ...but as blackmail

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  1. Once all the food in the warehouses has been siezed for "the common good" they will have to go after the farms and ranches for hoarding too.

    Once those supplies are gone, there will be nothing left to do but rail against a foreign enemy and round up opposition leaders as traitors and spies and crack down on all dissent.


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