Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All is crumbling and what is Chavez doing?

He is in Argentina visiting his partners in crime the Kirchners.  There he accuses the press of Latin America to be right wing and supporting the interests of the Empire, and he accuses Antonini to be a CIA spy.  No evidence whatsoever is offered but we know the jackasses that support him need no evidence whatsoever.  The press is reporting bad news on Venezuela?  They are liars who do the USA bidding!  What happened to the investigation of Antonini and the 800,000 in cash he carried in his suitcase?  He was an agent of the CIA so we need not worry about him! Voilà!

We can even speculate on a future exchange: What about the 5.8% first quarter drop?  Good! It takes us away from capitalism!  ( Am I really speculating on this last one?  Eljuri of the INE state statistics said on TV that the 5.8% drop was a consequence of the naughty world crisis, without bothering mentioning that Venezuela is THE ONLY country still sinking in LatAm as all the others are breaking even or growing again.  He also accused the stockbrokers without pondering the effect of a devaluation and electricity shortages.  People like Eljuri cannot be invented, they just happen!).


  1. I know how you feel. As an American I see the US heading for the same kind of debt crisis that Europe is experiencing while the politicians pretend nothing is happening.

    The US debt officially passed $13 trillion last night and Congress is going on a spending spree, including bailing out irresponsible unions. (Just so happens those unions donate heavily to the ruling party, what a coincidence).

    In California they already on the verge of bankruptcy while the legislature refuses to acknowledge that spending must be cut. One of the members of the Assembly even floating the idea of shutting the state government down and blaming it on the opposition.

    The Republicans have such few seats in the legislature they have no power, but when the mass media does your bidding and the sheeple are stupid enough to believe anything it'll work.

    They don't call it the land of fruits and nuts for nothing. Besides most of the sane people have already left the state, following the jobs that were chased away by high taxes and stupid regulations.

    Hugo Chavez must know that he is going to run out of "bad guys" eventually. Once the food "merchandisers" are done away with he will go after the farmers and ranchers.

    "Look at all those cows... hoarder! expropriate!" of course slaughtered cows have no calves but what politician ever thinks about next year?

  2. Boludo Tejano8:30 PM

    Eljuri of the INE state statistics said on TV that the 5.8% drop was a consequence of the naughty world crisis

    Off with his head! He has contradicted the word of Thugo, who back in '08, informed everyone that the world financial crisis would not affect Venezuela.

  3. UCC, seriously mate, you can't compare what is happening here with the US. And your attempt to place the blame solely on the democrates, and how the poor republicans have no power seems laughable. It's not like under the republicans, attempts were made to regulate the banks that could have saved the world from the financial crisis it faced. It's not like under the republicans usless wars were avoided. Oh no, politicians are helping their voter base, I still prefer helping unions over blowing up a country, and I bet you it is cheaper. How come right wingers in the US are just like our Chavistas here? Ignoring all facts to push their propaganda.

    Daniel, I have little faith that this country will be getting better. Things like this will only start to degrade faster, and I fear that come september we will be in such bad shape Chavez will have his excuse to not have elections. I'm just waiting to figure out how I can change my Bs. to USD then start selling everything we have. I honestly have given up.


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