Monday, May 03, 2010

Results of the PSUV primaries

El Chiguïre has them!  World scoop!


  1. Outstanding. It's the most honest Chavista ballot you will ever see.

    I recall shortly after the AN passed its enabling law (was it the last one? Seems like they've done it so often I can't keep track) a certain philoChavista stopped by to argue that they were simply following the mandate of the people. I challenged him to show me where in their campaign platforms they promised to roll over and yield everything to Chavez. Naturally, he dropped the argument.

    Truth is, though, he was completely right, though I think he was smart not to keep arguing. There's not a single rojo, rojito out there who dares to think independently. Never mind that it is an absolutely useless management style. Even if Chavez had the best of intentions (stretch the imagination....might be easier in the abstract - imagine a President of Venezuela with the best of intentions), Venezuela would still be a mess.

  2. 1979 Boat People4:01 PM


    Dummies must THINK THE SAME as the DEAR LEADER does you know...

  3. 1979BP, are they dummies to begin with, or are they dummies simply because they put their brains in neutral and stop thinking? Makes little difference in practice, but it does say something about the person.

    We should publish a book - Chavismo for Dummies. It would be one of the shortest books ever published, because all it needs to say is:

    1. Obey El Comandante.
    2. If El Comandante has not ordered what to do in specific circumstances, do nothing and await your orders. Then see Rule #1.

  4. 1979 Boat People4:06 PM


    Yes, that is all the "Chavismo for Dummies" book needs to be published.

    Oh..Oh... i forgot to mention that the cover of the book should be in RED and BLACK instead of YELLOW and BLACK you know....

  5. Read and black like this thing?

    I think all red would suffice. It's for dummies, so you really don't need words. (I think too many Chavistas wouldn't get the humor of "dummies" in the title, anyways.) And with all of just that color, what other purpose would there be? It just screams, "I have this book to suck up to Hugo!"


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