Monday, May 24, 2010

Some people really have no shame: Chavez wants to close breweries

With all the negative imaging of last week Chavez decided to become a puritan stalinist. In the video you will see below you will hear how Chavez puts the blame for the ills of the country on Polar beer (apparently Brazilian beer Brama and the Cisneros Regional brand have no part in the alcoholism of the country) . He also attacks the workers of Polar for defending their jobs and not rallying to his proposal of take over.

Cargado por noticias24. - Las últimas noticias en video.

Indeed it must hurt Chavez a lot to see that Polar is not going down without a fight, knowing that he just cannot take over Polar mills because he knows that in a matter of weeks we will starve. But it must hurt him even more to see that the workers of Polar do not want to become public employees!!!!!! Thus he disqualifies them, they do not belong to "el pueblo", whatever that means these days.

By the way, even if you do not understand Spanish enough look at the video anyway to see the workers that have been herded in front of Chavez and ask yourself whether they like their beer. Ask yourself whether their heart was in it when they applauded Chavez speech about the ills of drinking beer.

This puritan attack video must be used over and over in opposition meetings this campaign to show people what is in store for them if they keep voting for Chavez, no beer, no more epicurean pleasures, just like in Cuba where mojitos are not readily available for El Pueblo and sex is something you do out of sheer boredom or to survive when you sell your body to tourists.

PS: the video is of course a whole bunch of naked lies and manipulations as the discourse of Chavez has become now that he tries desperately to hide the reality of the country's situation.  You can read in more details the attacks on Polar he made today, and also how he forbade foreign contractors to stop public works because the government is not paying, demanding of them to seek financing abroad, because "Venezuela always pays".   Yeah, I am sure that this will work out.  Chavez had even the chutzpah to say that if they do not comply they will be kicked out and be replaced by other companies.  "Deadbeatism"should be the name of the new economic model!!!!  I cannot wait for him to try it out at a time where the Euro is nose diving!


  1. Boludo Tejano5:24 AM

    Before I listened to Thugo, I wasn't aware that beer drinking raised cholesterol levels. Thanks for informing me, Thugo.

    Given the sky-high consumption of vodka in the former Soviet Union, Thugo's associating alcohol consumption with capitalist exploitation was a hoot.

    Since the working class must give up beer to stop being exploited, should not the wealthy chavistas give up whiskey, in solidarity with their less fortunate colleagues?

    Prohibition in Venezuela: that would truly be revolutionary. Also rather hard to envisage. A Venezuela without ample quantities of alcoholic beverages is as hard to envisage as a Venezuela without arepas.

    Perhaps Thugo should also give up coffee and pasta de coca(?), in accordance with the new abstinence.

  2. Roger5:46 AM

    I suspect that this about using grain to make bread rather than beer. Panic I wonder?

  3. roger

    no, it is just idiocy and the desperate need to find a scapegoat.

  4. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Apologies if my bad spanish is playing tricks with me, but did he say that instead of producing unecessary things like beer you should cream?

  5. Island Canuck1:14 PM

    The fastest way out the door would be for him to put a stopper in the Polar beer supply. Ha, Ha.

    Just see how his loyal followers would react if they didn't have their weekend beer.

    Go for it Thugo!!

  6. anonymous

    you got that right, ice cream for beer, less cholesterol for el pueblo!!!!!

  7. Without a gun but with a beer on my hand I would tell Hugo the Small the following words:

    Yeah, he should just forbid beer consumption, close down Polar once and for all. Go ahead, do it, do it, do it!

    He is a chicken if he doesn't do it. Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.

  8. El pueblo or mass hysteria?

    As always Chavez talks about " el pueblo" when he refers to himself only.

    Interesting video showing mass hysteria and unawareness:

    People need to question the meaning of every word that is used , especially in politics.Propaganda manipulates the meaning of words and distorts images.

    Unity is the best Mantra to achieve success.But we must ask first who is uniting to what ?An external appearance of unity is what we see in this video, but where individual awareness is suppressed, there can be no real Unity. Without individual freedom, and without individual development WHAT can unite with WHAT?'Who' is doing the uniting?

    The flight of a whole flock increases the efficiency of each goose by 71 percent. It is interpreted that if a team works in a focused manner in the same direction, the efficiency of the team increases and the destination is reached faster and the goal is attained sooner.But if the goal is increasing the power of the State at the expense of individual power then it is a false Unity.Each person has to Unite consciously meaning that he assumes FULL self expression.

  9. I watched him yesterday... argh!

    So much nonsense!! the ice cream, the cholesterol, the no more beer thing (I wish the regime would forbid beer... that would be its FALL!)

    But the ice of the cake was chavez talking about the cigarettes!!! hey, I'm not a smoker, I simply hate them; but I do understand that he does smokes like there's no tomorrow. Con qué moral critica?

    Anyway... as always, he's just preparing the path, to take the Polar out of the way. All the gibberish spoken yesterday is to be repeated like a cassette by his minions and by the ignorant masses.

    I just don't know what to say about the faces of the workers as chavez spoke against beer... I just laughed a lot! I understand that the president does not drink alcohol at all. Good for him! but I have always wondered why.


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