Thursday, May 06, 2010

Update on La Carolina take over / looting

Plain old looting is the word that comes to mind when one reads this note from Tal Cual.  We read that they sent a helicopter, that is right, a helicopter, to load it with the stored cheeses, jams, hot sauces, etc...  that were for sale to the tourists stopping by.  Some fat military or chavista creep is going to dine well tonight, free of charge since of course he will not even have paid for the helicopter gas.

We also learn that the INTI has not been able to milk the cows because the employees refuse to work for the INTI.  Has not the INTI been able to bring milkmen from anywhere around? No wonder!  There is no other major milk farm around and all the other milk farms that the INTI has taken over have long stopped producing milk, and thus probably out of available milkmen or milkmaid, to be P.C.

And apparently they have already started distributing equipment, livestock and what not.  Even though no talks about even a token indemnification have started.

La Carolina take over is thus becoming fast the posterboy of the bullshit "social agrarian policies" of Chavez.  These are nothing more than the deliberate elimination of a productive agricultural class to be replaced by an unproductive one.  Exactly what happened to the Russian Kulaks except that it is spread over time and without significant bloodshed so far.  But the result will be the same: a country chronically unable to feed itself.

PS: to illustrate how political the whole charade is, a mere retaliation on Arria, Elias Jaua, currently the radical vice president of Chavez, went personally to announce that La Carolina will be transformed in a socialist clap trap.


  1. Anonymous1:35 AM

    How long will it be without bloodshed ?? It can´t go on like this !!!!!!

  2. Daniel:

    Your previous post on La Carolina of Monday, May 03, 2010 "Our starvation will be on Twitter: La Carolina is stolen by the INTI" was linked by Diego Arria in his Twitter Time Line

    @diego_arria :Our starvation will be on Twitter: La Carolina is stolen by the INTI

  3. 1979 Boat People6:54 AM

    That Elias Jaua is the vice president?

    Are you sure the link has the correct picture of Chavez's VICE PRESIDENT?

  4. Yes, Boat, that is a picture of the idiot Vice President.

    Arria has said he will not negotiate, nor accept whatever token payment the government will make, if they even do.

    According to Tal Cual, the Vie Idiot stated that there is no chain of titularity to prove ownership, yet Arria can prove that chain back to the 1880's, when presumably it passed from the state to the original owner.

    This is punishment for an opinion, plain and simple.

    What sucks is that eventually, some day, this theft will be reversed. In what shape will this jewel of a farm be when that happens will be the best evidence of a crime committed against agricultural self sufficiency.

  5. Anonymous,

    "How long will it be without bloodshed ?? It can´t go on like this !!!!!!"

    Oh yes it can.The Venezuelan power to tolerate the most intolerable of circumstances is legend,and look at Belarus.The people in Belarus are so passive that they NEVER make a decision on their own.The government doesn't even give them rights to turn on the heat when they are cold!! They have to wait for it to be turned on.Just imagine that !!!How long has this gone on?To me Belorussians live like small children dependent on their parents.

    In order to change people first have to become conscious of what they do and how they don't benefit from it.That is NOT happening for the most part on any large scale.Neither in Belarus nor in Venezuela.The methods used by the leaders are precisely designed for this.

    Even the anti -Chavez often make excuses for Chavista actions and participate (albeit unwillingly) in Chavez's plans.


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