Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who are you going to believe: the Faculty of Agronomy or Loyo, the INTI thug?

More on La Carolina.  The agronomy faculty of the UCV, the most reputed one in Venezuela, has sent a letter to La Carolina (ex?)owner Diego Arria a letter where they state that the farm was good enough, technical enough, productive enough that they will be sorry they will not be able to send their students anymore to finish their training courses before graduation.  You can find the full text of the picture on the right in the blog Notas Agropecuarias Venezuela which carries interesting reports such as the destruction of the country side in Yaracuy, or the lack of control in animal sanitation in Venezuela today when for the sake of expediency in looking for what we are not allowed to produce anymore we import anything from anywhere.  The letter is signed by all the main directors of the Agronomy School of the UCV who appreciates fully the havoc Chavez has brought to the country side in the name of politics.

Now, you can chose to believe the people that signed that letter or you can believe the guy at the head of the La Carolina take over by the INTI, a certain Juan Carlos Loyo whose  recent tweeter account is quite revealing and whose Google search shows his distinguished career at stealing producing properties and turn them into agricultural graveyards.

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  1. For me the gist is here:

    Lo más importante, destacó Loyo, es “que cualquier intento de darle alimento a nuestro pueblo pasa por un elemento fundamental que es el campesino, quien produce rubros de alta calidad; pero si la familia campesina sigue atada a un sistema de explotación en el cual un señor poderoso es quien ejerce el dominio sobre estas familias, no se lograría la meta de la seguridad agroalimentaria. Es por ello que debemos utilizarlas como propiedad social”

    a rough translation:

    "Most importantly says Loyo is that all produce has to pass through the hands of the indispensable' campesino' who produces in high quality but who is being or has been exploited by powerful men who dominate his family; and as this is the cause of an unstable agricultural system it merits the use of this property as State( social?) property."

    Notice the emphasis on who dominates whom.The message is in essence: " we cannot stand those with power or money so we will BECOME those with power and money instead.

    Obviously they are not REALLY against power or money since they steal it to become it, so what is it then? It is simple ENVY and GREED !They just want it for themselves only.

    When stealing is seen as 'okay' in a society, it is obvious that hard work is not valued, nor do people have a fundamental value for or the understanding of simple justice.


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