Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Chavez public confession that he is not a democrat: consider yourself told once and for all

Yesterday Chavez was campaigning in Maracay, violating several rules of the electoral law.  Among them is that a public official cannot campaign actively during the official campaign.  Another one is that it is forbidden to use national symbols: Chavez does not drop anymore his Venezuelan flag jacket.  There is a video you could see for that in this Minister of Communication page (they say it, they post it, it is not me making this up).

It is not that Chavez says absolutely directly without a doubt that he will not recognize the result if September 26 if unfavorable to his side, but all the implications of his words, his attitude and his tone betray him exactly as his real sectarian nature was betrayed when he refused to send funds to the hospital Perez de Leon in Petare.

From El Universal today we have these choice words:

"Ese es nuestro plan, aquí no está planteado acuerdo alguno con la burguesía traidora, con esta oposición apátrida" This is our plan [radicalizing the revolution], there is no plan whatsoever to reach an agreement with the treasonous bourgeoisie, with this fatherland-less (?) opposition.

There you have it, the opposition can win whatever it wants to win, the revolution goes on.


  1. Ellos (oposición) pretenden llegar a la Asamblea no para hacer leyes, sino para dar un golpe como en Honduras...

    Todo ladron...

  2. Milonga2:47 PM

    I suppose you watched The Guardians of Chavez... There is one guy from the militias that clearly states that if they (meaning voters) try to defeat their Commander, they will fight in arms to the last consequences to defend the Revolution. A civil war in the making to tell the least!

  3. Milonguita... tssk, tssssssk,

    you are such a simplistic anti chavista... that guy is the lone exception to a movement full of love and democracy!!!!!

    oh, wait! what did i write above about chavez?

  4. The other day I saw an Anzoategui police truck that had the "muerto" part of the patria, socilismo, blah, blah, blah slogan taken off. So maybe some are not willing to die for socialism...maybe.

  5. By implying that regardless of the election results,the " Revolution " is going forward, Chavez is discouraging potential voters to take the risk and make the effort of going out to vote for the opposition.With this he is instilling fear in some and apathy in others.

    On the other hand it is best not to make a firm determination that there is no way that Chavez can steal elections, because if he does find a way to do it,it will make it more difficult to expose his vote theft later on.

  6. Anonymous4:50 PM

    In the linked video, Chavez is speaking like Hitler, full of anger, revenge, lies, and a desire for more power. Watch his hands, the screaming,the pauses, and his face. And the audience is following him blindly. This a$$hole is complete trouble. The a$$holes that follow him will pay dearly.

  7. Anonymous5:10 PM

    It must be made clear to the police and militia commanders, in no uncertain terms, that a public plaza and piano wire awaits them some time in the future if they go along with chavez plans.

  8. Boludo Tejano10:31 PM

    Until today, I was convinced that Hugo was the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and Simon Bolivar combined.

  9. GB says
    "The other day I saw an Anzoategui police truck that had the "muerto" part of the patria, socilismo, blah, blah, blah slogan taken off. So maybe some are not willing to die for socialism...maybe."

    Ts, tsk, GB, they took the muerto part because now they just need to accomplish the patria and the socialismo. La muerte ya la trajeron.

  10. 1979 Boat People4:11 PM

    Venezuela to Issue Credit Cards for Government-Run Retailer

    Hope that the RED shirts people take this oppotunities to use this credit card to book vacation abroad.:)

  11. "apatrida" - would "unpatriotic" work as a translation?

    I think Chavez proved he doesn't respect unfavorable election results with his actions after the last elections. He removed Ledesma and suffered no major consequences, so what's to hold him back now?


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