Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Chavez tries to humiliate the journalist of Radio France International

The courageous journalist of RFI, Andreina Flores, asked two fair questions to Chavez. This one dodged the questions, speaking for about ten minutes trying to ridicule her, minimize her, insinuate that she is not a good Venezuelan and what not.... But she held her own very well!!!! A new press hero!! The only one that appears like a true ignoramus of electoral systems is Chavez as he pretends to explain that the Venezuelan one is "normal". Pathetic!!! By the way, since when those who claim they won must spend so much time explaining why is it that they won?

Observe behind Andreina the changing faces of Eva Golinger, Caracas Rose, sucking up to her beloved leader.

Chavez is making a double mistake. By insulting Andreina Flores he also insults RFI which is a rather tolerant radio towards leftist like Chavez.
UPDATE: RFI replies to Chavez
UPDATE 2: Yesterday performance of Chavez and his abuse toward Andreina is reaching far. Already EL Pais has a devastating article by Pablo Ordaz on the inability of Chavez to hide is discomfiture when his cheating is exposed.  It is only starting Hugo, the ignorant is you, not Andreina.


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Yo creo que Chavez no sabe que es lo que dice la ley electoral que la asamblea pasó recientemente para favorecer al PSUV, no tiene la menor noción... por eso es que trata de marear a Andreina con insultos y boberias. De verdad que se pasa de ignorante y acomplejado.

  2. Escualidus Arrechus9:16 AM

    I would say "unbelievable", but this is Esteban we're talking about.

    This is your leader, chavistas. A man incapable of reflection or self-criticism. Think about that the next time you blame the country's ills on those around him, 'porque lo tienen engañado'. No, compatriotas, Esteban se engaña solito.

  3. Bizarre. True, the question is a bit baiting because this was not a national election, so the number of overall votes is irrelevant, but it would have been so easy to answer it simply and move on instead of melting down. I would have preferred it if she had asked specifically about gerrymandering. The upside is he appeared to be defensive and guilty.

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Does Venezuelan constitution not guarantee proportional representation of minorities?

    This guy Chavez is a true jack-ass!

  5. Anonymous1:10 PM

    simply pathetic...
    what a rude and crass individual!


  6. I saw Golinger in action on live tv for the first time last Thursday (Sept. 23) in an interview with CNN's Jorge Ramos and Maria Afiuni's lawyer (forget his name, but very big guy).

    Golinger ranted on about Afiuni being a criminal, enemy of Venezuela and its justice system, etc., etc., and etc., and Ramos had hard time controlling her so that he could get questions (not to mention answers) from Afiuni's lawyer. I must say that the lawyer was polite and patient with Golinger, but Golinger herself came across as rude, ranting, Chavista twit. Ramos looked a bit flustered at the end, and I'd bet that CNN won't be inviting Golinger to any more interviews in the near future...

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Daniel, would it be possible to get a translation for those of us who do not speak Spanish?
    I am learning, but it will take a while, and Chavez is not very articulate. He sounds like he has marbles in his mouth, or is that his foot?

  8. Milonga2:57 PM

    RFI answers Chávez: http://www.espanol.rfi.fr/americas/20100928-rfi-responde-al-presidente-hugo-chavez It seems Chavez has severely lost it! Yeah! As days go by, what a great victory for the opposition!

  9. Island Canuck3:58 PM

    This man is just disgusting. An abomination.

    The lack of respect he has for others just confirms his narcissistic personality.

  10. Could hardly watch it.Disgusting!

    Chavez thinks he can talk nonsense and cover his stupidity up that way.The worst part is that many people don't care that he is the most illogical nonsensical manipulator on Earth.

    If it had been me though I would have exposed him more just out of principle.Not in an angry way but in an assertive way.I would have liked to see this lady stand up more.He was treating her in a very disrespectful way and she kind of took it with a false smile and contained anger.In my opinion this is why caudillos go so far in Venezuela.People are too passive and do not stand up for principles.One personality fits with the other perfectly.The day people in Venezuela say, " I don't accept to be talked to like that" is the day when Chavez's power vanishes in thin air.

  11. I'm surprised Eva wasn't in the front row!

  12. I found that video even more painful to watch than is normal for Chavez. However, it is worth studying for clues as to where Chavez's mind is. Firstly, if he were on his game, the logical answer would have been to simply say, "the same way Bush won the Presidential election against Gore without a majority of the popular vote." Then he could have moved on, having not really answered the question, and continue to attack "El Empirio".

    However, instead he attempted to belittle the reporter. Hat's off to her, by the way. She bore up well under his majesty's imperial scorn.

    To me, he is trying hard to appear reasonable and calm, when inside, he is a volcano about to erupt. Chavez is at his best (from a performance perspective) when he simply expresses what he feels. He does not hide his emotions well.

  13. In regard to RFI's response, I am disappointing that they neglected to denounce his verbal abuse of their reporter.

  14. torres5:30 PM

    Anonymous is right, it seems like chavez is projecting, that is, accusing Andreina of the very ignorance of which he himself is guilty.


  15. Escualidus Arrechus5:56 PM

    El que tiene que explicar que gano, en realidad perdio.

  16. Anonymous10:44 PM

    @Anonymous, re translation: I have not yet had the opportunity to watch this video. When I do, I'll see if I can do a translation for you.

    However, as an amateur public speaker (member of Toastmasters), my general impression is that Chavez at his best is a great public speaker. Not what he says, of course. It's how he says things when he's relaxed and confident. On the other hand, this changes when he's angry or has been challenged.

  17. Mike E.12:45 AM

    She hit this piece of human debris where it hurts and he became as nervous as a pregnant nun and as mad as a cut snake.

  18. I can tell if she brought this up, but doesn't Chavez's beloved constitution guarantee proportional representation?

    His response is, to put it generously, condescending. I wonder how the leftist feminists would react if a non-leftist politician responded to a reporter by calling her "girl" ("chica"). I guess Eva Golinger left her feminist credentials at the door. Besides being a Chavez apologist, Golinger has a fat ass.

  19. PaulaH6:07 AM

    el clarin, from Argentina writes about it...

  20. PaulaH6:07 AM

    opus..the link: http://www.clarin.com/mundo/Chavez-enojo-periodista-maltrato_0_343765878.html


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