Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Meanwhile, back at Agroisleña headquarters....

The scene today.  My business partner goes to a couple of ministry errands for some registration permits:

b.p. "Is so and so here today for me to pick up this and that?"

concierge. " we are not receiving anyone today and tomorrow"

b.p. "huh?  any reason?"

concierge, who knows b.p. from previous visits "they were all given special embroidered red shirts today to go to Cagua at Agroisleña headquarters"

b.p. "Why?  They have nothing to do with that!"

concierge. "to make bulk so people think that the government has plenty of qualified people to take over Agroisleña".


  1. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Meanwhile back at the ranch (from Bloomberg), here's Giordani the genius at work:

    “The Venezuelan economy is in the gym right now losing all the fat it had,” Giordani said.

    The government policy of nationalizing much of the food industry has helped to curb inflation, Giordani said.

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Estoy muy contenta de que sea Vargas Llosa quién sea honrado con el Nobel de Literatura.
    Por otra parte nuestros dirigentes deberian cultivar sus cerebros lleyendo La Fiesta del Chivo, porque a la hora se estan convirtiendo en estos detestables esbirros, y así mandan a Venezuela al diablo por no decir peor. La Maga Lee


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