Sunday, October 10, 2010

Travel announcement

I am late in my 26-S election result analysis and many other stuff because, well, I have been preparing for an unusually long trip out of the country.  But I will have long airport waits, long flights, long stopovers with I hope reasonable Internet access, etc...  Thus until November expect irregular posting, but long and boring ones probably.  Plus the ever so popular feature  "where is Daniel?".  This time there should be at least 4 installments of the guessing game, that is, if weather allows for decent pictures.  So keep checking but maybe only a couple of times a week.  And of course if you put a comment and it does not show up 48 hours later that might not mean I erased it, that probably will mean that I am passed out somewhere from too many epicurean excesses (I am facing three distinct cuisines, oy vey!).

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy and Renew your energies to face the challenges ahead.
    Span the continents to quicken your blood, as later,that old familiar knot in the gut will spin in centrifuge towards home...


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