Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where in France is Waldoniel?

So, you got it easy last time.  Now, time to go tot he city thing.  Hint: it is not the same city as in the protest picture of two days ago.  Double reward: guess the city AND the place and get a bistro lunch date with me next time we are together in that city.

Again, I do not know what the f... is going in with blogger but It persists in turning side ways a perfectly edited picture.  Sorry.


  1. Vilnius Lithuania

    Old Town Passage

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    How about this? You tell us where and I'll buy you a bistro lunch next time we are together in that city!

  3. My guess is...

    I have no earthly clue. It is not a particularly famous structure and there are no other clues in the street scene. You would simply have to know the place to know where it is.

  4. roy

    in a way you are right. but for people that have traveled to that city and walked the walk they should at least guess the city, if not the neighborhood.

    well, looks like i have to give a hint. clue 1)it is probably in the priciest real estate of that city clue 2) lots of water around that neighborhood clue 3) no, it is not amsterdam

  5. No idea about the city, but regarding the rotation in Blogger: I guess you are a victim of the EXIF orientation flag. Please Google for it. There are many programs that do not interpret it and the result is an image that looks fine in your photo viewer/editor but not in another. I use "JPEG lossless Rotator" on a PC to rotate the images and reset this flag to its harmless default.

  6. Anonymous9:52 AM


  7. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Nantes even with the bycicle at side it is the passage?
    regards claco

  8. clobber12:46 PM


  9. Any chance I've seen that in a movie before? It looks familiar, and I'm quite certain I haven't been there in person.

    P.D. I think we fogured out the "not Amsterdam" part by the title of the post, so #3 really isn't a hint!

  10. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Ile de la Cite?

  11. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Place des Vosges

  12. I have no clue where in France, but a guess might be a back door to Versailles?

    As for the blogger thing, is it blogger or is it too much wine in The Blogger?

  13. Anonymous2:25 AM


  14. A small corner of Versailles Palace? I only went there once but remember those cute pineapple-shaped vases on the roof.

    If not i would like to say that I found the gardens of Versailles impressive even when I do not normally cotton to manicured landscapes.They were unbelievable!

  15. place des vosges and ile de la cite are the closest guesses so far.

  16. Mike E.2:04 PM

    Hotel, Ile St-Louis

  17. Mike. E.2:10 PM

    just in case, the city would of course be PARIS!

  18. 1979 Boat People2:45 PM

    Again, I do not know what the f... is going in with blogger but It persists in turning side ways a perfectly edited picture. Sorry.

    I think the reason is that you are OVER detoxed with wine and cheese.:)

  19. Well, I don't know the answer, but perhaps this might help someone else to win the prize. The form of the building, the arch, and the roof appear to have been largely inspired by the Gros Horloge in Rouen, Normandy.

  20. I suppose it will be l'isle Saint Louis.

  21. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Place Dauphine?

  22. and the ile sait louis it is!

  23. Mike E.8:58 PM

    Hi Daniel,
    OK, I was first, so I win the bistro lunch in PARIS with you.
    I'll be there around Christmas, and again Q1 - Q2 next year and then again later in 2011. I'll adjust my travels to make it happen – just tell me if you will keep your word. I guarantee you I’ll keep mine.
    I am sure we will have an interesting lunch and hope that you are ok with this right wing dumb-ass redneck winning your price.

  24. Confirmation: (Yeah, I had a little time on my hands...and even more curiousity.) But Daniel's picture, even being sideways, is MUCH better.

    Congrats to Mr. Mearsault for nearly being first. He's clearly the leader on points for Daniel's trip overall. :)

  25. Mike E.11:42 PM

    Damned I forgot liberals don't keep their word.


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