Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Los culpables de la dictadura: Cilia Flores

Este blog, mientas pueda seguir publicando, va a pasar lista de los que tuvieron responsabilidad directa en acabar con la democracia en Venezuela.  No vamos a caer en histrionismos ni en acusaciones palurdas ni sensacionalismos de Internet, vamos sencillamente a nombrar a los que cargan la mas alta culpabilidad en la violación de la constitución del 99, y por lo tanto los que deberán responder ante la justicia por esos delitos.  No importa cuando sea el día que deban responder, tal vez ya hayan muerto cuando llegue ese día, pero lo que si puedo asegurar es que por lo menos ante el tribunal de la historia deberán de hacerlo por su actuación durante los meses de noviembre y diciembre de 2010 cuando ellos fueron actores directos, o apologistas infames, del golpe que ocurrió en Venezuela en esa fecha.

Cilia Flores es la primera culpable después de Hugo Chavez.  No me refiero ya a los múltiples delitos que cometió, desde llenar al parlamento con sus familiares hasta cortarle el micrófono a quien quisiese en el parlamento.  La culpabilidad de ella es directa, en haber aceptado presidir una asamblea que le dio un golpe al sistema judicial la semana pasada y esta semana al poder legislativo.  Y eso al mismo tiempo que esta presidiendo sobre lo que será en escasos días el fin de la libertad de expresión en Venezuela.  Solamente con lo que esa mujer habrá hecho en los meses de noviembre y diciembre de 2010 merecerá ir a la cárcel después de un juicio imparcial que no tendrá ningún problema en condenarla tal como se hizo con los criminales de Nuremberg o los que ya van pasando uno por uno en la corte de La Haya.

Cilia Flores, usted es la primera en la lista, pero no se preocupe porque pronto le nombraré a algunos de sus secuaces para que la acompañen.


  1. AuVienLobo10:06 AM

    This is the face of a piggy who has put her family in the structure of power, and because the horny pueblo like´s her image, it describes what "reason" is up against.

    The day we leave reason to control our future, we loose our humanity(how many times in history have we lost it? good grief we still try to find it...).

    Ergo, don´t touch my escargot, I like them rare!

    She´s seen,being, enjoying stepping in the balls of all our grandfahters and grandmothers, but we will still take it,, we are not fleeing any world war or pol pot.

    Hahaha, jajaja, h or j who cares, this b or another V, they are all the same, it is only after hunger that freedom is found.

    And people laugh at conspiracy theorists,!

    and their choices are even less blind and damaging than the poets and politicians.

    She is ugly, and their is no atomic rearrangement that can do anything about it, not even dark matter can suppress her being from having fucked all of our future.

    So you want to adjectivize the era of Chavez and friends rationally? I bet a comic could do a better job!

    Pissing against the wind brings a warm feeling at first.

    Her family , friends and associates are controlling a new chain of butrients, how many Venezuelans are out of touch of this resource chain?

    How many friends and family are Chavistas because of the sap getting to them?

    Have you forgotten the reach of the riches?

    I have seen it fall just for the roll of a dice.

    Ahh, if this ugly romanticism didn't´t exist the bible would have never been written...

    set me free from the cycle is all we write about!

  2. I completely agree that Cilia Flores is guilty as charged. I look forward to seeing the rest of your list develop.

    However, I would urge you to be very careful with comparisons with Nazi Germany and its fallout (mentioning Nuremberg in this case). While the comparison is dramatic from the Venezuelan perspective and sometimes accurate in technical terms, the context is very different. While many have suffered in various ways, millions have not died in Venezuela. As a result, the comparison is quite insulting and painful for Germans and Jews around the world.

    I understand the impulse and do not wish to detain the important work of your blog for one second. I just ask that you stop and think carefully each time to consider implementing a Chavez-Hitler or Venezuela 2010-Germany 1944 comparison.

    All my best,

  3. Roberto

    You do have a point but I must assure you that your objection was very much in mind when I wrote this. I only wanted to stress that to each time and each era there is a court, and that the way things are going in Venezuela, the way repression is being established, there will be the following crimes to be accounted for:

    forced exile
    death from repression

    to which we surely will be ale to add soon

    death from civil wars consequence

    Thus, what may seem an exaggeration today might unfortunately become a reality.


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