Sunday, December 12, 2010

To laugh or to cry with wikileaks?

Thus I accidentally learned that wikileaks has thousands of emails from a top Chavez aid.  Considering that such emails could have very valuable information on corruption, drug trafficking, FARC support plus assorted legal violations committed against the Venezuelan population and its human rights, one would suppose that they should be available already.  But no, wikileaks is putting them up on the auction block, mercenary style.

And there are actually people defending them and even starting what is pompously called the first web war or something....  Geeeez.....  No further comments needed......


  1. Ya! This is going to be good.

  2. The Cavern Myth Company2:56 AM

    2008, I will wait to mingle with dinosaurs, maybe they know a cha cha cha this post was supposed to dance. by the way, someone won(?) ww2.

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I doubt that there were thousands of emails from one sender.

    Do the math.

  4. So originally their noble goal was to " liberate" the news but now they are offering some juicy tidbits up for sale.

    This is the same as stealing the sound equipment from a car, and then offering it up for sale.It only reinforces that Wikileaks is an organization that deals in stolen government property.

  5. Island Canuck12:28 PM

    It wouldn't surprise me if his highness quietly bought these emails himself.

    The only hang up is that they will eventually be public. That would keep him from suppressing them

  6. Still, brings up the questions where are they and what is in them.

  7. Roger1:41 PM

    this the latest I see on the subject

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  9. Chávez will buy those cables, that is why Assange is selling them. Otherwise, why retain precisely Chávez's cables? And not Putin's or someone else's?

    Is it just my impression or there is a tiny veil of blackmail in this whole affair?

  10. anonymous

    mails sent AND received. if you are high up in the government for a couple of years you could reach a couple of thousand easily.

  11. Roger9:04 PM

    The auction was two years ago. Besides the link above that dates from the first of this year is this reference. Where is this leak? If Chavez did buy them and the right to leak them, then, Wikileaks is as much in the blackmail business as the journalistic leaking business.

  12. From the article:

    "Wikileaks will publish all of them eventually"

    So, Mr. Assange, where are they?

    Assange: "People magazine notoriously paid over $10 [million] for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby photos."

    What an idiot - holding up People magazine as a supposed example of a news provider. I don't think more than 1% of reggular People readers know who Hugo Chavez is, and not many more could find Venezuela on a map. The article also said this was only an experiment, and I think we can credit Assange's clearly limited understanding of economics as the reason we have not seen it again since.

  13. Kolya1:41 PM

    Daniel, are you talking of something that is news or are you talking of an old controversy (two or three years ago)? If memory serves, there was some discussion about it in the blogs--either in yours, Miguel's or Quico & Juan's. I also think some of those Chavista cables (or was it emails?) were published online and there were a few blog posts about them. Perhaps my fuzzy memory is playing tricks on me....


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