Monday, January 03, 2011

The Chavez show in Brazil

Well, maybe Brazil inaugurated a new president yesterday but in chavistadom the news was of Hillary Clinton shaking hands with Chavez.
Amused Santos, eeked! Clinton, shocked Piñera and Trinidad's "payaso"

Now, a lot of tall tales seem to be sown here and there but form the picture above we can see a few clear things that cannot be hidden, at least to everyone that has a vague idea of what body language stands for.

Santos knows Chavez first hand and he knows how far in his clownishness this one will go to score a point valid at home (Santos also knows that Chavez does not care much anymore about points he may score for the foreign peanut gallery, too much trouble in Caracas to worry about that).  In other words, Santos "been there, done that, hated it" moment is in the past and he is checking out the other three guys.

Hillary is of course the Secretary of State and she has been kissing enough frogs for the past 2 years that she will kiss that one too.  But her face is a poem of surprise and disgust although she recomposes herself real quick.  I was impressed at how quick, by the way.  Whatever it is they say from the right, Hillary clearly looks like the entrapped one in this picture.

Piñera is in shock.  He cannot believe what is going on, and possibly the rudeness that came before the scene and that cameras may have missed.  He looks at the hands, wondering is Clinton will shake it after all.  She will, of course, she has been around the block but we can understand Piñera moment of doubt.

As for the "payaso" according to Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad (see wikileaks), he is doing his show, oblivious of any ridicule he may encounter.  After all he needs to prove to the world that it is the US that is threatening to break with Chavez and not the other way around.  This is of course solely for at home chavista consumption as outside of Venezuela the dice have rolled long ago.  So he sports a fixed smiling grimace that looks more like the spoiled brat that got away with a nasty trick than the responsible statesman that brought peace to two countries (though that faciès is better seen in other pictures that I will not bother posting).  The left can say whatever it wants, we know better now.

But of the four of them I am sure that Santos had the better moment, as in "see Hillary, I get no respect from you and your stupid democrats and trade unions blocking my FTA treaty with you.  That is what you get in return, bitch!  Deal with him too! Mwahahahahah!"


  1. Oh boy, Daniel, IMHO you are editorializing too much. Hillary showing surprise and disgust!?! Piñera in shock?!

    I found everybody pretty amused and smiling all the way, from this and the other pictures that Quico and Miguel have been showing.

    Happy new year my friend..and smile, life is beautiful!

  2. bruni

    there other pictures that reflect diplomacy. this one is the true one that reflects what is going on.

  3. I can just imagine Santos, Clinton, and Pineira as three high school chums having a nice chat, when their conversation is crashed by the class brute, who's also a bit drunk. You say hi, bear with the jerk for a moment and then get back to your own, much more enjoyable chat which includes one or more humorous comments on the conduct of this goon, etc.

    All part of the price of attending any Ibero-American event which Chavez will probably show up.

    I would have expected Correa and Morales to have had their pictures taken with their buddy. Don't know how that would be handled in Bolivia, but here in Ecuador, the press would have loved to have put such photos up in the local papers, which have been clear about Chavez's anti-democratic moves over the years...

  4. Steve7:50 PM

    Chávez shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of State...Eva Golinger hardest hit.

  5. To me Hilary looks like a reticent but compliant schoolgirl being asked to handle a slimy reptile, like a toad. Its Ok, but a bit 'yuck.' Santos is acting like a slightly surprised uncle.

  6. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Wait a minute, it is Chavez who made the move, imagine Clinton refusing to shake hands? She was caught by surprise. Now, did they exchange any words?
    Chavez is the permanent offender, so I think he was kind of realizing the Devil has a charming Secretary of State, a person in bones and flesh, chatting with her allies...uuh he was jealous to be left out...

  7. I see exactly what Martin sees.The slight look of not- so- hidden both disgust and compliance on Hilary's face is a poem,along with the awkward way she extends her hand.

    Then Santos's ever -so -slightly raised quizzical eyebrow and upturned mouth lines makes give a detached yet humored look.

  8. And the very next day, it appears as though the U.S. is backing down on the dispute over the appointed U.S. Ambassador:

    Apparently, the U.S. can be blackmailed and extorted by just about anyone in the world now. How embarrassing...

  9. Yngvar9:29 PM

    Piñera stands there making sure Chávez won't get close to Clinton. Quite the protector.

  10. Hillary is not showing surprise. I can almost read her mind...hand sanitizer pls!!!


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