Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Jungian moment: Rafael Lopez Pedraza leaves us

Those of you that have read me for a long time might be aware of my interest for Jungian psychoanalysis and the sort.  And my dislike for Freudian stuff.  Well, it turns out that one noted Jungian was a Venezuelan, even though he was born in Cuba.

Rafael Lopez Pedraza died yesterday at 90.  He moved to Venezuela in 1949, way before Castro destroyed the island.  He soon became a Venezuelan citizen, in an era where intellectual elites had no problem moving around and were not carrying the silly nationalistic baggage.  If I had been able to pursue my Jungian interests I probably would have ended up meeting him at some point, as the most famous Jungian in Venezuela, author of several essential books on archetypes and more.

Who knows, maybe he would have signed my copy of one of his most famous books.


  1. Perhaps if you find Jungian Archetypes useful you might be 'converted' to Tibetan Buddhism through the higher forms of Tantra..


  2. Someboby tweeted yesterday, what I thought it was a perfect statement:

    "Si alguien hacía algo importante en Venezuela, ese era López Pedraza."


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