Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Unbelievable!!!! Abject sycophancy at its best!

Three chavista representatives who force voted the University law are now saying that Chavez was right, that he listens to the people in vetoing the University Law!!!  I guess they admit that as representative they never listened to the people that they were supposed to represent....  This one goes for the annals of sycophancy!!!!


  1. What do you mean "unbelievable", Daniel? If I were in Venezuela and suddenly a pink elephant would drop from the sky on the road I would just say: "it almost hit us. What were you talking about?".

    If Chavez tells the PSUV deputies to eat a can of shit and say at the very same time "socialismo, patria o muerte" while jumping on one foot, I would gawn. If I saw thousands of Venezuelans running head-front towards a wall and crashing against it and falling unconscious, I would just shake my shoulders.

    Now, if I saw a large group of Venezuelans engaging in a very productive task and carrying it through for the good of the community, I would probably have a heart attack or just faint from the shock.

    I sometimes write posts in German with the title "Gegen die Wand I/II//II..." (running) against the wall" (also title of a well-known film about very dysfunctional people) talking about the new steps Venezuelans take to failure.
    Sorry, I am a bit in a mood.

  2. Kepler

    I suppose that as a scientist which requires by formation and experience to have a minimum of personal integrity I assume that everyone does. Sorry, my bad!


  3. Sorry, man, but this has nothing to do with integrity.
    It has to do with trial and error and finding out what the rules behind the whole thing is.

    You can reject those rules and try to change them or you can live in another environment like me. But they should not surprise you because they happen over and over again.
    When a fly gets into my house and it tries to get out of it by crashing time after time against a window, I think of many of my compatriots.
    It's not in their genes but in their training. It's sad but it does not surprise me at all anymore.

  4. You can add this (and some of the things in the previous post) to the list in yesterday's "undemocratic moment" post.

    Of course, if you keep doing that, the list might soon need binding, like a book.

  5. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Does anyone admit that boycotting the National Assembly vote 5 years ago may have been one of the biggest mistakes made by the opposition?

  6. The annals of sycophancy are thick, indeed, and this reversal makes up yet another chapter.

    But these representatives are lucky. They were clearly violating the principle of the anti-talanquera law in that they voted against what Chavez eventually decided to do.

    There have been times, in the not-so-distant communist past, when such failure to anticipate the Leader/the party led right to the gulag.

    I think they should be called "the anti-party group".

  7. Boludo Tejano5:51 PM

    AIO, I am not an attorney, so my interpretation of "proportional" might not be how those versed in the law - and who are intellectually honest [uuu, ahh..]- would interpret it. It would be interesting to see how "proportional" would be interpreted by judges and attorneys.

    It would be interesting to see how Chavistas had previously apportioned the seats, and how this was done in the Fourth Republic- with reference to the Constitution of the time. IOW, what was the precedent, an important part of common law [which admittedly is of English and American tradition, not Spanish or Venezuelan tradition].


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