Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Writing about Venezuelan economy for Western Canada

There is my second article, about the devaluation, with quite a lot of editing.  My editor takes no BS, and he is probably right.  Oh well....  If you are in facebook or something, press that button, will you?  Pretty please?


  1. 1979 Boat People2:37 AM


    US plans to 'renominate' ambassador to Venezuela


  2. I didn't see a Like button, bur I press a little Facebook icon and the story appeared on my wall. (You don't have to publish this comment.)


  3. Good to see your work getting spread. I would only add that the black market rate is also pushed upward by the lack of supply available at all the other rates. The regime is stingy with its petro-dollars, which of course makes very little sense if they are producing 3.1 or 3.2 million bpd.

  4. Hola Daniel y AIO: Daniels word is getting spread far beyond edditorials in Wesstern Canadian newsmedia. Friends, Family and I have been seeing to that for some time.
    My issue with the non-Venezuelan media is, there is not much said about Venezuela period! No news about the floods, economy, Chavez, or anything else that is going on in Venezuela.
    After another, personal, dissaster in November that occurred in San Fernando de Apure, I decided that I could no longer look on without doing SOMETHING for Venezuela.
    It makes me feel better and my family in Venezuela is pleased with my efforts, however small.

    Daniel, I hope you can keep us all updated and informed - good or bad - forever! However, keep safe!


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