Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Perdidos en el espacio - Lost in Space

Impossible to do a better cartoon about the opposition mess in deciding when and how to hold primary elections.

Imposibe dibujar algo mejor sobre la indecision de la MUD en cuanto a fijar fecha y modo de primaria.

Primaries in a month-- Better in two-- What about December?-- Danger! Danger!.. I would say September 2012


  1. Chavez claims the right to choose his own opponent and anyone who rises too high in the polls will be disqualified.

    Eventually we will have some low profile, less popular candidates left over to compete against Chavez.Only if the people are willing to vote for ANYONE but Chavez in the end (and by large margins) will we have a chance of winning the elections.

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    buenisimo, y lo mejor son los artistas de la vieja serie de hace como 50 años de "Oerdidos en el espacioª nuestra MUD esta igual de perdida. LA MAGA LEE

  3. Anonymous10:58 PM

    You people, for a lack of a better phrase, Are Forked!!!

  4. yes,anon, we are Fucked in every sense of the word, and after 2012,we will be even more Fucked than ever.

    Those of us living in Venezuela will feel it more.


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