Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ramos Allup of AD trashed, TRASHED by the US embassy in Caracas

In what is going to be one of the most interesting Wikileaks on Venezuela El Pais of Spain publishes  a devastating analysis of US cables on AD leader Ramos Allup, as being basically one of the main reasons why the Venezuelan opposition does not go anywhere fast ....  If you cannot read Spanish, you have the MUST READ worst cable in English here and an excerpt below:

Accion Democratica (AD), Venezuela's largest
opposition party, is going nowhere fast. Its leader,
secretary general Henry Ramos Allup, is unimaginative,

overconfident, and even repellent. Rather than seeking unity
among the opposition, Ramos Allup insults other party
officials. Rather than formulate a platform, AD officials
plead for help from the international community, whose
representatives Ramos Alup also disrespects. Because AD is
an extremelycentralized party even by Venezuelan standards,
fficials with alternate views rarely have a voice.


  1. Not at all surprising but quite pertinent :

    "while a credible opposition candidate would certainly make the
    presidential election more believable, Chavez does not
    technically need the opposition to hold an election. Should
    he lack real opponents, Chavez would most likely invent his

  2. Charly8:11 AM

    I am starting to suspect that Chavez may already have fallen by the wayside if there hadn't been an official opposition.


    E.O. 12958: DNG: CO 04/12/2026

    LOL, this cable's actually FROM THE FUTURE!!! 2026!!

    Blackberry typos? Wouldn't someone have gave this the once over before hitting send? Terrible.

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    That's the declassification date, not a typo.


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