Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bin Laden out!

I do not know about you but I am about to pour myself a celebratory nightcap before Obama comes out to tell us how Bin Laden was taken out, from a mansion in Islamabad of all places...  Interesting times ahead in Pakistan.

Of course, I can hardly wait to hear the reactions of Chavez......


  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Jamás me he alegrado de la muerte de alguién, con este tampoco me alegre pero eso si le dí un inmenso Gracias a Dios. Tarde o temprano se paga. La Maga Lee

  2. Maga

    Pues yo si me alegro por que a ese es mejor tenerlo muerto que vivo. Mejor no imaginar lo que hubiese sido el juico a bin Laden....

  3. Cheers to you! One step in the right direction. Lets have a toast!

  4. 1979 Boat People1:18 AM


    Already had 2 Coors Light for the celerbation.

    Me too, I can hardly wait to hear the reactions of Donald Trump......

  5. Last Anonymous2:41 AM

    Living in a low profile 1 million dollar compound?

    Why wasn't he wearing a flashing light on the top of his head?

    This is a proud day for the US and Pakistan intelligence community.

    They couldn't find water if the fell out of a floating boat.

    Trillions of dollars for one corpse.

  6. Daniel,

    You are right that guy was better dead than alive. Still, smell the coffee:
    that changes nothing. This is one thing the West fails to understand. One thing was Hitler and the (Nazi) Germans and quite another Osama bin Laden and the (fundamentalist) Muslims.
    You kill one, another comes. Al Qaeda as such is much less of an organisation as a very loose front.
    One of the main sources of power is still kicking around and doing very well: the Saudi princes financing Wahabism.

    Do you have half a day next time you come to Europe? I will give you a round-tour on "the other" Brussels. I will show you just a little window to the East.

  7. Wonder why the ISI finally coughed him up? Maybe the gravy train really was going to be derailed this time.

  8. Glenn6:28 AM

    One of the first things I did this morning was check Venezuela news for Chavez to comment. I'm sure he will have something to say about imperial assassinations and how this relates to him.

  9. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Of course Chavez will immediately say the U.S. violated Pakistan territory and only wants to steal their oil.

    Underneath, Chavez will be chitting his pants knowing that he cannot hide if the U.S. wants him dead.

  10. Kepler

    Of course I smell the coffee! Killing Osama is not going to solve anything. However his demise is a good thing. To begin with it is a score for the West which needed it badly. Second, Osama could get away with killing Muslims along the way as long as one US was killed in the operation. That is not so certain with any of his wanna be successors. Third, with the scarecrow of Osama out of the way it is possible that the West will be less obsessed and become more able to start thinking about more long term solutions.

  11. My Mama tol' me to never say nuttin' but good about the dead. OK, here goes: He's dead... Good.

  12. Daniel is correct

    Symbols have a power that go beyond their simple numeric value.

    Perhaps an ordinary '1' means nothing in a sea of ones.But a symbolic '1' can have a greater value than the entire sea.I don't think Bin Laden was quite that powerful but I do think the psychological effect of his death has the potential to be.

  13. Well, as I said: better so, but the West should be very cautious, these guys come and go. One very telling thing: the US Americans did not tell anything to the Pakistanis, thanks God! This shows how they finally realise the Pakistanis are a very unreliable bunch.
    And Jaua spoke: he rejects violence. Apparently, he does not reject violence if it is Chávez or Soto killing innocent.

  14. The first thing I thought when I heard the news last night was "good". The second: "I wonder what Chavez would say about it". Then this morning read this thing, which was very predictable:

  15. 1979 Boat People11:19 AM

    Donald Trump demands to see Osama Bin Laden's death certificate!

  16. On 9-11, I remember watching video of people dancing in the streets in many places throughout the Islamic world, celebrating Osama bin Laden's blow against he Infidels. Those images left an impact on me perhaps stronger than that of the actual attacks.

    Without agreeing with Jaua, I do think that it important to take the high road and not engage in unseemly celebrations. Quiet satisfaction, yes... a time to reflect. But this should be considered an act of justice, not vengeance.

  17. There is at least one thing Osama's death does change: it moves him off the top of my list of "People I Would Really, Really Like to Punch in the Face."

    And my new #1 is Hugo.

  18. Boludo Tejano1:17 PM

    Speaking of taking down people, Thugo extradited a FARC muckety-muck to Colombia. Sticking it to the Swedes :
    April 23, 2011: FARC media specialist Joaquin Perez flew into Venezuela, and was, to his surprise, arrested. Two days later, Perez was extradited to Colombia. Perez runs the main FARC website, based in Sweden and is widely considered the main media rep for FARC. Perez has been a FARC member for three decades, but has spent most of that time in exile. Perez, who was raised in Colombia, became a Swedish citizen eleven years ago, believing this would make him immune from extradition and arrest for his FARC activities. But Perez misjudged Hugo Chavez's efforts to mend relations with Colombia. Chavez ignored pleas and threats from Sweden, and sent Perez to Colombia.

    He operated a FARC website out of Sweden. I wonder if Elliv contributed money to it.

    There is also info on this at Google News.

    If Thugo is doing things like this, he is paying good money to have the cocalero malandro extradited to Venezuela and not the US.

    From Santos's point of view, trading Joaquin Perez for the cocalero was a good deal.

  19. Boludo Tejano1:24 PM

    Here is an excerpt from a Google News search. Fury in Venezuela's left over Colombian rebel arrest.
    …..Responding to a phone call from Santos, Chavez last week ordered the arrest of suspected FARC member Joaquin Perez as he arrived in Venezuela on a flight from Germany. He was swiftly deported.
    The move is considered a betrayal among many Chavez supporters, including prominent lawmakers, journalists and at least one former minister. It has provoked a furious reaction.
    "Next we will be the chased and arrested," said Luis Alvarez, one of about 200 protesters outside Venezuela's Foreign Ministry, "This is terrible and dangerous for the whole international revolutionary movement."
    Protesters set ablaze an effigy of Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, calling him and Information Minister Andres Izarra "traitors." Some anger also was directed at Chavez, as shown in road graffiti that said "Chavez, betrayal is not revolution….

    This is very interesting news.

  20. Both Obama & Harper have chosen their words very carefully when addressing their nations. Obama said that it was an “act of justice” and it was quick to recognize the collaboration of the government of Pakistan. Harper (who is in the middle of an election today), said that “his death secures a measure of justice” for those Canadians dead on September 11, and it was with “sober satisfaction” that Canada received the news. None of them were celebrating or having a party, none of them were smiling, like Jaua pretends to put it. The people, on the other hand, were. And if someone of my family would have died among those 3000 people that were murdered by Bin Laden, I would have been celebrating too. They acted on Bin Laden’s terms: he killed innocent people, they killed him. I wonder in what terms Jaua would have negotiated with an assassin that killed 3000 venezuelans?

  21. Anonymous5:41 PM

    bin Laden is dead since 2001.
    We will see in the next weeks what for that show was.

  22. very last anonymous

    you are an idiot. writing such a thing, without even bothering coming up with a handle, and of course even less trying to justify such a preposterous claim is what justifies that serious blogs have a policy moderation. i if i am living your message up it is to remind people that moderation is needed to filter jackasses like you.


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