Friday, May 20, 2011

The end of the world is tomorrow

Updated:  In view of some of the comments I could not pass on this little pic (hat tip Scott).-------------

Yours truly has found himself amazed to learn so late that tomorrow is the end of the world.  He needed to use Doonesbury to learn about it, and also to refute it on the spot: Matthew 24:36 says "But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." (KJ). Amazingly the preacher that launched that dozy already predicted a rapture about 20 years ago for which we are still waiting for.  We learned that he has a degree in B.S. engineering which in his case can only refer to the solid emissions of cows's mates.

However, besides the date thing, he might be right about one country as the end of its world started in February 2, 1999 when an absolute bullshitter took charge.  Since that date we have seen horrendous crime, expanding misery and even rapture as many of its citizens took flight to leave the joint.


  1. I was trying to think of exactly how many "end of the world" predictions (both religious and technological) I have seen and survived in my lifetime... Anyone still remember Y2K?

    On the other hand, it makes for a good pick-up line, "Hey baby, we may not survive tomorrow. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy ourselves tonight..."

    And giving Chavez the esteem of having brought about the end of the world, is giving him far too much credit. He didn't create the wave; he just rode it.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Just in case, apply for your new government house today. It might come useful in the afterlife.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    "...that tomorrow is the end of the world."

    No, that's the Rapture™, not the End of the World™. That one will be on October 21 (2 days after my 40th birthday).

    To make it clear, Rapture™ is when all good Christians are taken to heaven, while everyone else will remain here waiting for the End of the World™.

    So if tomorrow you find a lot of clothes lying on the streets, it means they were right. And that you are Evil™.

  4. I'll stop cussing (just in case). Also, wash some undies (just in case).

    GL to you all, it been enlighting.

    Allah Akubar (just in case)

  5. If it is all the same with the Almighty, I guess I would really rather stick around and try to sort out Armageddon with the sinners and non-believers. They are usually much better company than the other sort.

    I have always thought that the Christian Heaven of the Bible sounded really boring, and the thought of spending eternity listening to the Believers tell me, "I told you so." sounds like a kind of hell to me.

  6. As a believer i can say, do not confuse about the situation going on today's world. What Jesus says in the Holy Bible about the End of this World and the Second coming of Christ..You need to Read more References in Holy Bible but one thing is True and that is only the Father(God) knows about the End Time. you need to read Holy Bible: Matthew 24, then you will get perfect idea..
    If you want more perfect idea about the End Time of the World then read my Blog..

  7. No different than Paul Ehrlich or Al Gore declaiming the end of the world. I remember Ted Dansen saying we had until 1990 before the oceans are dead and we all die as a result.

  8. roy

    well, he certainly brought the end of one world :)

  9. aminesh

    faith and belief are very different from millenarian cults and sects.

  10. Epa Daniel,

    Verdades, Mentiras y extremos parecen ser de Chavez !

    Sera que los Venezolanos son los culpables y no del todo Chaves ?

    De verdad que el Pais es una caca cade vez peor !


  11. I would love to see a camera crew filming members of this fringe group waiting, "como novia de pueblo", for the end to come and then nothing happens.

    This time around, they claimed they failed last time because they never considered the book of Jeremiah.

    Anyone know if this time they read all the books in the Bible?

    Just in case, I think I'll go steal a Ferrari.

  12. Okay, so far. Still the day is young and that bottle of rum is old and it doesn't look like I'll live to see the Mars landing.... so.....

  13. Imagine faces of the believers, as they realize that they are still going to have to pay off their credit card bills...

  14. Anonymous10:20 AM

    How do you know the world hasn't ended? Hell must be a state of consciousness in which you think you are still alive. You'll be paying your debts for all eternity, and will have to listen to Alo Presidente non-stop. At least in heaven God doesn't go on a cadena (that's how you know you are not in heaven).


  15. What is this "world" you speak of? The real universe now contains 2 elements, the element of ME and the element of RUM.

    BRB, off to steal a giraffe.

  16. 1979 Boat People4:47 PM

    Please GOD/AllAH/BUDDHA, if it did happen then send me straight to HELL not VENEZUELA.

  17. Roger4:53 PM

    This just in: The Vatican got an Email from the Lord saying "I am on my way meet me in Salt Lake City"!

  18. Well, at least it didn't say, "Meet me in Las Vegas."...

  19. 1979 Boat People7:34 PM

    Yep, the subliminal message is "Meet me in Las Vegas."...

    May 21 End of the World: Harold Camping's $72M business


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