Sunday, May 22, 2011

Local elections in Spain

No, this post is not about the socialist rout in Spain earlier today, it is about how elections , local elections at that, are reported on the web. If you look at El Pais, the reference paper of Spain, their web page gives you a few hours after polls closed something like 99% of the results, depending on the region.  Not only that, you get most of the local details, the assembly composition, etc, etc.  And even better, you have a tag so you can download .xml data and make your own calculations.  As a reminder, in Venezuela we are still waiting for the complete results of the 2007 referendum, and the embassy votes are still not published because, well, Chavez lost too much there and we are not supposed to know about that.  Go to the web page and play around even if you have no idea where in the world Spain is.  And then wonder about the CNE trying to convince us to accept that it needs to buy new electoral machines that will link your fingerprint with your vote, killing once and for all the vote secret in Venezuela if we let the CNE get away with this.


  1. kernel_panic10:39 PM

    They will buy the machines anyways, who's going to say "NO" to them? :S

    Now, what's going to happen to the ones that vote against chavez when their vote is known? Tascon's list evolved? (with this system it's easy to relate vote with fingerprint, so busted)

  2. glenn6:27 AM

    Interesting that gov request fingerprints to give you a house you will never receive and within the same two weeks announces vote fingerprints. I think this is headed to a tascon list on steroids!

  3. 1979 Boat People3:35 PM


    U.S. sanctions Venezuela's oil giant for Iran trade



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