Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Samba for Chavez this time around

I do not want to be mean, but the sudden "old knee injury" of Chavez has a perfect timing.  That is, he can bail out of any summit, any press meeting, any cadena even if he wishes so.  Then again after having been exposed as to give 300 million USD to a terrorist association, you may want to keep a low profile for a while.  And if that means postponing once again your first official meeting with Dilma Roussef, who has seen everyone but you already, well, so be it.  She might as well start her second round of Samba dancing with the other guys.

I have the suspicion that the FARC linkage of Venezuela and Ecuador is just starting its aftershocks, no matter how much the ladies protest.


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Saben Uds. que los dolores articulares se agravan cuando hay mucho stress. Lo sé por experiencia propia! Al presidente seguro que lo del turco, del disco de las farc, de las misiones que no sirven le provocan un horrible stress. Y ahora la oposición que dice al pueblo inscribánse para tener su casita, así tendremos el trabajo adelantado. Pobre el comandante, a sufrir como qualquiera. La Maga Lee

  2. capitankane5:45 AM

    I think the knee might also be so he can personally have a midnight plea bargain with Makled. I think Chavez is the sort of paranoid guy who wouldnt trust the future of his own ass with his minions. Thats my 2 cents anyway.

  3. There he was, the lonely chavista from the Embassy, purchasing about a dozen FARC dossiers -expect Golinger's 'shrewd' revelations any moment now-, pretty much on his own -till Grace Livingstone from The Guardian joined him in animated conversation as if they were old pals, no one talked to him, he didn't ask any questions in the Q&A session, nor did he tried to refute -as it was customary in old times- to refute every single statement pertaining to Chavez relations and support to FARC...

    Daniel, internationally, chavista have entered the category of pariahs. They are seen as idiots with loads of money from whom any spineless individual/corporation can profit -and we know there are pleenty of those. However, no one takes their argument seriously, Not even the FARC, whose deep distrust to all things chavismo is perhaps the best revelation of Reyes' dossier.

    Of course, for us, reading that chavistas are fu*&^ useless in FARC communications is like reading Wikileaks: we already knew this, for a long time, mere confirmation. Though the emails, or treasure trove, will be interesting to all of us for obvious historical reasons. One day Chavez won't be in power, and that day he'll find himself faced with the clear possibility of ending his life in jail for aiding and abetting narcoterrorists.

  4. The documents are real. What I find a bit dissapointing is that they "corrected" or clarified things without marking that as clarification (one case: Sierra de Perijá somewhere).

    One of the Venezuelans you saw in Belgium told me she knew some of those FARC Colombians who were contact persons in Europe.
    I couldn't believe her at the beginning.
    I hope the Europeans named in that document are put to shame and eventually prosecuted.

  5. If I'm reading this right, Chavez OFFERED $300 million to the FARC, but there's nothing to suggest he delivered. In other words, we can add the FARC to the long list of people/groups receiving promises from Chavez that were just lies, pura paja.

  6. The rumors about Chavez collaborating with the FARC have been around for years but for a time his apologists would say:" there is no evidence".Now all the details have come out confirming this.

    It is interesting that rumors about the Chavez government are often proved correct when the evidence surfaces whereas all the wild accusations Chavez makes against the opposition remain unsubstantiated.

  7. cochonette en feu

    but for chavez apoligists those lap tops are useless because all the information is fabricated.

  8. I think there a couple of German MEPs mentioned in there Kepler, offering assistance to the FARC, if you're interested...


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