Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chavez sickness for Canadian readers

Here, resuming my regular writing for Troy Media (without pay, heard that Eva?).  This is where I stand right now as to the whole mess, but who knows what should I write tomorrow.....


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  2. Glenn4:01 PM

    Good job. Article is concise and to the point.

  3. Good article. I actually found it in a Google search aboutmChavez.

    I also read today that Chavez's brother said that Chavistas should be ready for armed conflict just in case they should lose in the elections. That would get messy since Chavez has spoken out against this kind of thing in Honduras.


  4. Everyone should know that chavez is a hypocrite by now. What is not good for him in Honduras may be perfectly fine in Venezuela.

  5. Glenn8:44 PM

    It was Hugo Chavez that said this revolution is peaceful, but armed.

  6. RabbiBulla9:55 PM

    Adan, praying and making threats=sounds like Muslim jihadist behavior?? Has Adan converted too...?
    As to the "revolution"- Adan wouldn't know a revolution from an Arab Spring if it were to bite him
    on the rear.
    Speaking of rear- I always thought the way to enter Chavezlandia was through the rear-haha

  7. Adan's comment was very telling; what he was saying very clearly was, if we don't manage to stay in power by the ballot, then we will turn to the bullet. But then, of course, what's new? Chavez himself has been saying or implying this for years now.


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