Tuesday, July 19, 2011

El Chigüire nails it: Adan Chavez to be named "designated driver

Elias Jaua, the man that Chavez left in charge, sort of, made a maiden speech of sorts where he was visibly VERY drunk.  Either that or his brain aneurysm was bursting....  The video has been circulating for a couple of days already but the interpretation of Chigüire bipolar was best to report here.  do not miss it even if you do not speak Spanish: the slurry is easy to catch.


  1. 1979 Boat People11:50 AM


    From Iran hard-line Mullah with love

    Persian Letters: 'Brainless Badly Veiled Women'


  2. RabbiBulla12:45 PM

    What a contrast-all the misery in Cuba and Chavez-so happy, tweeting away-He loves Cuba- he's psychotic.
    Chavez-tweeting away-so much fun.
    (Re.trick or treat)with all of the problems in Venezuela.As someone said "I doubt most Venezuelans would pass a "rationality test" these days...

  3. RabbiBulla12:51 PM

    1979 Boat People-you always have my vote. Be careful- you dare
    make fun of another Master over
    Venezuelan people-one of Chavez's
    brothers..Chavez alread issued
    a "fatwa" about what to do if that happens...

  4. So our illiterate vice-president, retarded thief extraordinaire, is actually the incumbent president of all vices now? That clown probably does a lot more than imbibe large quantities of Etiqueta and Chivas most days.. Putas y perico, seguramente, despues de cada asalto a mano armada a nuestro presupuesto nacional..

    Heck, in Chabruto's defense, he doesn't even like su polarcita. But he's drunk on something even worse: ego maniacal power, arepa, and way too much cafe cubano, porque ni cuando esta enfermo se calla! I even miss previous drunks and thiefs by now, such as Pinerua Ordaz, or even Herrera Campins, notable for their incompetence and corruption too. Except they weren't as horrible for Venezuela as these drunken thugs.

  5. 1979 Boat People1:31 AM


    In 1979,IRAN had a REVOLUTION.
    In 1979,I RAN away from COMMUNISION
    to become a so called BOAT PEOPLE.

  6. 1979 Boat People1:38 AM


    ...from COMMUNISION

    should be

    ...from COMMUNISM

  7. RabbiBulla1:33 PM

    O/T -Size really does matter.
    Chavez claims"the cancer was the
    size of the baseball"-if IF
    there was a cancer-a. how did they "miss" something that large the first time, and b. how rare is that to have a cancer that size,
    c.I consulted Drs Peter Wigglesworth, Dr.Ben Dover, and Dr. Hans Gland in Houston-and they say they have never heard of a colon cancer that large-and for that manner- a prostate cancer that large either..
    I thought I heard a who?
    More on this- if the tumor was that size-then it is Stage 4 Colon Cancer. And, it is not just the size, but the depth of the cancer
    and if other small nodules are present..
    Also, Iseriously doubt it was true
    (-probably some small -pea-sized nodules -)if -it were one as big as a beisbol- he would look quite different today- unless -that was his brain they removed...


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