Sunday, July 17, 2011

Le French non-crime wave

What is wrong with this picture?

It is late evening, it is low tide for a few more hours, and these two boats (among hundreds) have their auxiliary motors ready for the picking....  And nobody steal them. (and no, there are no cops stationed on the beach all night long).  In fact, in this particular resort you only see cops when there is an accident, a home burning up, etc...  Year round residents sleep often forgetting to lock up their doors, even in the mid of tourist season.....

Compare with this video from a Spanish TV show picked up by megaresistencia.  As your summer homework, meditate how can Venezuela ever recover from chavismo.

Sorry, I am on vacation and no translation. But the guys are 1) downloading every single item of their boat ashore for the night 'cause someone else will do so if they leave them inside. and 2) the other guy curses madly Chavez and "consejos comunales".


  1. Charly1:50 PM

    These boats still have their motors attached. This picture was definitely not taken in Margarita.

  2. Charly3:47 PM

    Sorry Daniel, but did not notice before writing my comment that there was a text below the image.

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM

    What else can you expect if they steal your shoes from your feeth?
    Only in socialismo.

  4. RabbiBulla5:58 PM

    " As your summer homework, meditate how can Venezuela ever recover from chavismo."
    ABSOLUTELY,yes!! Oh, yes!!!
    Venezuela is a big, beautiful country-not a small island and not to be ruled by Chavez authoritarianism and his fanatical imps. Free Venezuela!!!

  5. Charly8:35 PM

    Bottom line is that Venezuelans need to grow a pair, in other words, all these frogs need to jump out of the pan.

  6. Anonymous9:04 PM

    That Margaritan fisherman should become the head of the opposition. It's clear he knows the beast well, from the inside.

  7. That I'm not in the picture!

  8. A little vacation music to counteract the harshness of Venezuela life:


    Played with a delicate heart

  9. RabbiBulla10:25 AM

    Agreed. Daniel, I believe Venezuelans (not you and a few others)are afraid to speak out, afraid, to stand up.
    And, the way things are going- example-UAE bloggers on trial-
    afraid to write on blogs their
    true feelings about Chavez and
    what is happening in Venezuela.
    Afraid to the point of actively participating in covering up for, lying for the dictator.
    Again, I will limit my statements in the future and not keep repeating them.

  10. RabbiBulla1:20 PM

    Reactions upon seeing
    Chavez tumor?

  11. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Seguro no es en Margarita ni en ningun otro lugar de nuestro bello pais,la razón es que los motores quedan estan alli y nadie les puso mano


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