Friday, September 16, 2011

Dropeth the shoe: IACHR to Venezuela "let Leopoldo run". Big victory for Human Rights!

And thus the long awaited ruling arrived on the very last day.  I need to read it for further comment but the result is as expected: Venezuela did violate human rights by condemning people without a trial.  Period.

Leopoldo López 
LO LOGRAMOS, se hizo Justicia. ESTOY HABILITADO. Un triunfo de todos los que hemos luchado por los derechos y la justicia. Gano Venezuela!

Now, for your own amusement you may either read the El Universal article, or the semi hysterical piece from the state TV, VTV, who has nothing better to do but drag out an old picture of Leopoldo waiving a gas mask to resit the attacks of the Venezuelan Nazional Guard.

It is just starting, get the popcorn and watch the government bend and twist over and over to justify what cannot be justified.

Meanwhile let's congratulate Leopoldo Lopez who had the courage and the stamina to take over the chavista system and brilliantly succeeded in unmasking it.  That does not mean that Chavez will let him run next year but on the international arena chavismo has probably never been as crudely exposed as it is with this sentence from the IACHR


  1. Juan Cristóbal3:38 PM

    I don't get it - wouldn't the government *want* LL to run? He weakens HCR's chances...

  2. Yes JC, tienes razon pero vas preso....

    These people do not think like us and if the hatred of Chavez to Leopoldo is enough, reasonable political considerations will not do.

    Do not forget that Lopez is distant parent of Simon Bolivar and Chavez is not, and there might be the lone reason.

  3. ¡Nos ladran Sancho!, señal de que avanzamos.

  4. galloglass6:19 PM

    What's to stop Hugo from ignoring the ruling or simply pulling out of the IAHCR? What teeth do they have? I understand that someone who respects the law or felt some moral suasion would accept the ruling. But Hugo? Never.

  5. From how events are unfolding, it looks that the smartest thing to do is for Capriles and Lopez to concoct some type of political agreement that would see them in the next term as president and VP. That way, they could easily best every other candidate in the primaries, and they would become a formidable contender duo against Chavez.

    Although I was reluctant at first to admit that Chavez is sick, it now appears to me that he might be indeed very sick. Funny thing is that being the malignant narcissist that he is, his minions may have not told him the whole truth about the seriousness of his disease or he may indeed think that he can defeat it, which would be consistent with his god complex.

    It will be very interesting to watch the "anxiety factor" grow in the chavista camp in the following weeks ...

  6. This decision must be obeyed. If not, it will have huge repercussions internationally, since Chavez will have won the Presidency--if he does win--only by unfairly disqualifying his most formidable opponents.

    Whether Lopez is the Presidential or the Vice Presidential candidate for Capriles, disqualifying him in the tweth of the court decision puts Chavez deep into Gaddafi territory.

  7. The stamina and the willingness to run... y los cobres! Neither of them can right that country, not Capriles, not Lopez, not even Pablo... Se necesita alguien mas corrido!

  8. Do not forget that Lopez is distant parent of Simon Bolivar and Chavez is not, and there might be the lone reason.

    Whoa! Are you serious? Is the Bolivarian Cult/Mythos really that strong?

    If so, interesting.

  9. Anonymous9:50 AM

    "Whoa! Are you serious? Is the Bolivarian Cult/Mythos really that strong?"

    Unfortunately, yes it is. Remember: Banana Republic.

  10. RabbiBulla10:26 AM

    Refer to "Si yo fuera Leopoldo..:
    by Alek Boyd-I believe he has it
    exactly correct.The "team approach"
    will defeat Chavez.(And,in new
    Administration I would like to see
    Leopoldo as Foreign Minister-what a contrast to Maduro..)Not meaning to get ahead of myself-but an opposition who wins will have a team that I hope will put their egos aside and get to work doing what is best to restore and rebuild Venezuela.


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