Thursday, September 15, 2011

Them red laced boots

La Patilla has a good one, an analysis of a picture from yesterday's visit by a Chinese mission.  I will let you judge about their comments on the aluminum foil covered glass of water, or the jar of Chinese traditional medication.  No, no, what I liked were the red laced well polished military boots.  One cannot come up with stuff like that...
PS: or maybe, following how Juan noted how the Chinese are screwing us up, the red laces are there to distract us from that fact.


  1. Boludo Tejano10:29 PM

    When will he progress to Dorothy’s ruby red slippers?

  2. 1979 Boat People12:24 AM

    That would made Fidel NOT RED enough.

  3. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Do they even make red shoelaces?

    I mean for anything other than clown shoes...

  4. oso negro7:16 AM

    Funny, when I saw that photo last night I was thinking the same thing, "Red shoelaces? That's goofy!"

  5. Charly7:25 AM

    They should hire that dude to play the villain in an action movie. He really has got the face for it. Perhaps an avatar of Ernst Stavro Blofeld in a future James Bond flick

  6. Anyone else thinking "Benito Mussolini"?

  7. RabbiBulla9:42 AM

    Chavez-like Qaddafi -disrespects
    military uniforms by "creating his
    own" and incorrect-for example
    jacket and tee shirt.Incorrect
    medals etc..Reminds me of Michael Jackson wearing a uniform...
    Uniforms are not a "fashion statement"...and why wear a makeshift military uniform when
    talking about the economy-does anyone care? (As previously mentioned-at least he isn't walking
    around in a Tarzan outfit..)

  8. Anonymous9:49 AM

    The red shoelaces were made in China. The boots are plastic,and the wart looks small in comparison with the current size of his head. He is holding the contract to pay for the shoelaces and asking to borrow a pen from the Chinese guy. The green shrunken head in the jar is just for a voodoo contract on Diosdado. The glass of water is from a Cuban babalao, to be thrown out of the window at the end of the session (for clarity).


  9. I cannot help but say that the Chinese are the most normal thing in the picture!

    But really, who on earth covers glasses with foil paper? Think about it for a moment... this is a thing you'd do in a place full of insects (aire libre?) or a very filthy house with roaches...

    Don't get me started with the red shoe laces. Tacky? yep! to say the least.

  10. wanna bet he has red panties on too? maybe even a thong.

    viva roja rojita

  11. Liz

    you know, there is a lot of things we could say about the sickly narcissistic personality of chavez from these red laces. after all, these military boots are not very comfortable, and certainly not adequate for someone recovering from a major disease. thus huguito is clearly trying to send us a message, he does want us to look at his red laces.

  12. Charly11:17 AM

    Daniel: "recovering from a major disease", is that guy recovering? His chemo sessions have become a merry-go-round.

  13. Capitankane1:07 PM

    It even looks like he laced the boots himself. I thought military men laced their boots in the bar/straight fashion.

    Here is an example I found on some WWII website.

  14. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I think he should have one red and one blue, it would have looked more "patriotico" what a clown!!

  15. This megalomaniac clown now thinks he's some fancy soldier, on the brink of war against the evil empire. The ruthless Chinese leeches are loving every cheap petroleum drop of his laughable madness.

  16. I'm surprised the foil is not on his head!

  17. Juan Cristóbal3:37 PM

    Red shoelaces after Labor Day are a big no-no.

  18. Anonymous8:24 PM

    C'mon guys; I really want to visit VE again, but not until you've dealt with this buffoon and all of his minions. I just want another case of Pampero Anniversario and swordfish dinner out of Maquatia.

  19. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Ain't nothing but class!

  20. yes juan, but if you need to match the carpet and the draperies you are allowed to wear red laces. surely miss manners and joan rivers will agree with me!


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