Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is the lawyer of Chavez defending what cannot be defended

Escarra, a most ignominious character, has jumped from the National Assembly to become a few days ago the lawyer of the state, Procurador de la Republica, which in bolibanana parlance means that he is Chavez lawyer, making sure that he gets away with as much as possible.  He gave an interview yesterday in Telesur, unfortunately for many readers here, in Spanish.  But for those of you able to grasp enough, a few choice picks of Escarra, revealing how deeply morally and intellectually corrupted men like Carlos Escarra become when they decide to serve an autocrat.  It also allows you to observe how "moderate" chavismo in TeleSUR works out and allows you to imagine how it plays at home in unmoderated state media....

Minute2:30 : He says that PDVSA funds were given to Leopoldo to found PJ as a political party.  False, it was to create an ONG which became over the years PJ more becasue of Chavez regime than any previous intent (Capriles, to name one, was COPEI at the Congress of the time, to name a notorious case).  Never mind that PDVSA has given since billions for Chavez campaigns but Escarra thinks we are all idiots.

Minute 2:38 : he accuses Leopoldo of robbing moeny, using even the word "chorreó", larceny in Venezuelan argot.  False, of course, becasue if the regime had any proof of Lopez stealing for his own profit it would have been able to jail him without any trouble and you would not be reading these words today.

Minute 3:25 : running already short or real arguments Escarra goes the chavista way equating "negligence" with "idiocy" (brutalidad) in managing legal recourse in Venezuela.  That is, Escarra calls Lopez and idiot for not knowing how to file a lawsuit inside Venezuela.

Minute 3:35 : he contradicts himself, coming from defending a resolution against Lopez from the Venezuelan constitutional court to stating without even batting an eye that Lopez went to the IACHR without exhausting all recourse in Venezuela.  I suppose he means that he did not ask for a rendez-vous with Chavez, the sole recourse left in Venezuela after the TSJ constitutional court....

The rest is irrelevant tchach trying to point out that Lopez was not even bale to get a real party off the ground, that Escarra himself got more votes in his district than Lopez nation wide, etc...  As if Escarra actually thought that "his" votes were his indeed and not Chavez...  Delusion, when you hold us in your throes....  But in minute 4:25 he calls him a thief outright, "ladrón", withotu any proof of course, as already discussed above.  you need to wait for the end, if you have the stomach for Escarra to see that in spite of all his bravado he knows the regime is in trouble when he goes into a confusing discussion that Venezuela will follow the ruling of the IACDH but will not unless it will in case it decides it will not depending on what it will do or will not do.  He seems sadly lost hismelf....


  1. Charly1:31 PM

    Meanwhile his boss is about to go to another (merry go)round of chemo. Bad omen!

  2. There are clear international law precedents which say that an aggrieved person need not seek a remedy from the President or the sovereign before approaching an international tribunal. The precedents say that this is the case even when the President sits at the top of the court hierarchy in formal terms.

    The reason is that this same President sits atop the executive branch, and so would be in a conflict-of-interest position when judging executive actions.

    This is relatively basic; surprising this fellow doesn't know it.

  3. "..but Escarra thinks we are all idiots."

    Or he's an idiot himself, or he just knows that 80%, at least, of the uneducated people in our country will buy anything slightly fancy or elaborate. That's how they can still get away with anything, like Chavez "batiando con el bate de Sosa" and such laughable crap. Remember, this "lawyer" and even Chabruto are way more educated than the vast majority of the Venezuelans left in our country, so it shouldn't be so surprising that they can bark and keep barking to our vastly clueless pueblo for over a decade. Indio vota por su cacique, aunque le esten hablando pura paja.

  4. RabbiBulla9:28 PM

    Daniel, I read the article you
    translated and helped Las armas
    de Coronel with about Carlos
    Escarra. How do people stand
    this lowest of low-piece of filth?

  5. "he contradicts himself, coming from defending a resolution against Lopez from the Venezuelan constitutional court to stating without even batting an eye that Lopez went to the IACHR without exhausting all recourse in Venezuela. I suppose he means that he did not ask for a rendez-vous with Chavez"

    There you have it - Lopez did not go to the highest court in the land, QED.


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