Thursday, November 17, 2011

And yet another idiocy at EFE

I am going to have to really, really consider that EFE news agency is financed by Chavez because there is no other way to explain its idiocies.  Today they just take at face value the words of Chavez in yet another cadena as to the opposition not recognizing its victories and planning a coup.  As their usual willful refusal to learn about Venezuela they seem to ignore that the opposition did recognize the victory of Chavez in 2006 but that Chavez did not recognize the opposition victory in Caracas in 2008 and in parliament in 2010.


  1. CharlesC3:32 AM

    Another example of "doublespeak" by Chavez. The exact opposite is true. a.If Chavez loses,CHavez will not recognize it and use force to stay in power.b.If Chavez
    loses the opposition will appeal to outside countries, OAS , US and UN for assistance and protection from Chavez's paramilitary forces that already exist and are armed...
    This was a usual propaganda speech by Chavez to and for his base-the
    chavistas who are brainwashed and believe everything Chavez says and does..Shameful, but oh well-SOS different day.

  2. I seriously doubt that anybody outside Venezuela will take Chavez's words at face value. It'S very likely that some dimwits that still fancy shady characters like the Castros will buy this BS, but the regular guys outside will just probably roll their eyes and see this for what it is: nothing but hysterical blabber from the blah-blah commander.

  3. Daniel,
    EFE and Yahoo Venezuela... partida de bolsas!

  4. "Cahvez dice...Chavez dijo." This isn't EFE's worst offense, as they are being strictly factual here. (A line about how many previous times he's made the same claim would be some interesting context, but I don't think it would be easy to put a figure on that.) I think A. Barreda has it right.

    OT, did anyone see the creepy new Benetton photos? Check out #5, with a Venezuela angle.

  5. Bad picture.

    Obama is taller tham me, Chávez is way smaller than me.

  6. Never underestimate the damage a News agency can do by just reporting certain facts only.

    Are there plenty of people who unquestioningly drink Kool Aid?

    You guess is that this number is relatively high.

    In my book, cherry picking certain facts with out looking at the big picture is akin to lying- though it cannot be proved.

    Once a lie is repeated enough it starts to look like conventional wisdom.

  7. This story lacks credibility. It has no Byline (the journalist who wrote it), and Location (Caracas) or even a source such as VTV or Aporra. What is discusting is that is under the copyright of Reuters. I thought they had better sense of integrity as this story is pure bias. They have feedback e-mails to bitch at them.
    Also, that is why these blogs are so important as they give a broad view of life in Venezuela that journalists can access and study the archives.
    On a more practical level, I doubt anyone in Venezuela that can read this story will be swayed by it.


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