Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's line on Venezuela comes from Shimon Peres, president of Israel

Shimon Peres has been around a lot.  Shimon Peres has had to deal with a lot of crap in his life.  Many toads he kissed and none became human.  So when he speaks about Chavez for a CNN interview as to Ahmadinejerk trip to the ALBA countries, he knows of what kind of character he is talking about.  And he also shows that he is infinitely informed as to the events in the world (the Jewish world conspiracy at play I suppose, would say antizionists in the Chavez camp).  The quote:

"It seems like a joke on history.  To think that [Ahmadinejerk] is traveling to Simon Bolivar's nation is the biggest contradiction we can think of." and then
"[Chavez] maybe a good show on TV but Venezuela did not improve with him.  Venezuela's economy is not better, people are not happier".

Bless you Shimon!

To this we can add the editorial on Correa in Ecuador from the Post as he is receiving Ahmadinejerk (TV showed an arranged support reception in front of Carondelet Palace who makes one wonder about the sanity of the Correa entourage...)


  1. the trouble with nicknames, such as 'Ahmadinejerk' (isn't it cute?), is that the objective is reduced to a ridicule, rather than as a serious problem, and those mocking him come across as puerile, including the likes of Hillary Clinton et al.

    1. Syd, normally you would have a point. But I have been using Ahmadinejerk for years now, starting with a post who was mocking him when he was not such a serious threat. Considering that he is the only one I have ever given a steady nickname, I think I can keep it as a trade mark of sorts even if it displeases some and makes me look puerile. After all, this is only a blog.

      Also, as far as a nickname it is quite good if I dare say so because it carries the essence of the personage, some one that jerks everyone around, including now even his bosses the ayatollahs. And jerks always get their comeuppance, usually at their own hands and mistakes which is waht he may be doing right now.


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