Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From rumors to panic?

It is Tuesday and we do not know whether Chavez is alive, cut up, sewn up, under test, etc, etc...  Rumors are flying of course and even Boccaranda the great is resorting to Brazilian "gossip" (I do not know what word to use at this point).

And not only chavismo is in panic (here and here) but now my distinguished colleague, pro Capriles to the hilt, is starting to panic slightly.  Time to get a 2 weeks supply of food and water before popping that corn and watch TV news?  For the record, I am not as sanguine as my colleague and even if I do not like Capriles much I have more faith in him than he seems to do.  Not only that, but even if Capriles were to be jailed, there are at least three leaders in the opposition ready to step ahead on the spot.  MCM for one would jump over a tank in a jiffy.  LL has proven himself under tear gas attacks (see recurrent VTV footage of 2001).  Etc....

At any rate, my advice remains the same.  Read as many rumors as you wish but do not lose sleep over them.  I for one only read those that come to my mail box on their own :)


  1. Juan Cristóbal10:45 AM

    That was a very French way of calling be hysterical. Merci, monsieur!

    1. Juan Cristóbal10:46 AM

      Sorry, should have read "calling me"

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    There's only one thing we know for sure: the longer it takes for the "official" statement to come, the more likely it is to be bad news for Hugo the First.

  3. I have been starting a post for days for what is coming.

    If something happens to Chávez these days, it is not necessarily good news for us.

    I have already heard Juan's statement of a coup d'état or something of the sort in case Chávez dies, which, to me, is not good for the country.

    There is one single good outcome to this nightmare: Chávez lives and is defeated by Capriles. Anything else is the twilight zone.

    1. Ta-Da Ta-Da Ta-Da Ta-Da .... Pooof!

    2. I am sorry, but I am trying to find any shred of humor in the situation, as sophomoric as that one may be. And the tune of the series came to my mind as soon as I read your entry :)

  4. Fluid situations are always an opportunity and we might have to work with outcomes that are less than ideal,but one that eventually can lead to improvement.

    Better this than eternal 'juego trancado'...opportunities appear at the moment there is a shake up

  5. Anonymous12:51 PM

    The Cubans killed the Goose while extracting the golden egg (or whatever it was they were pulling out)? Thy have only themselves to blame, along with doctors from Russia, Spain, China, ...

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    According to the BBC today: 'Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is in "good physical shape" after undergoing planned cancer surgery in Cuba, Venezuela's
    vice-president says.'

  7. Again: the best thing that can happen for Venezuela, is that Thugo Chavez cracks with cancer.

    There, I said it.

    Otherwise, hundreds of people will keep dying on weekends, and the country will continue to regress to Cuban levels.

    If Castro had died 25 years ago, wouldn't that fantastic island be doing a lot better?!

    And make no mistake, if Chavez remains somewhat healthy, he will do whatever it takes to remain in power for another decade, at least.

  8. Here's the opinion of a reasonably well-informed Venezuelan doctor about Chavez's condition.. He happens to opine that Cuba was the wrong place to seek treatment.. "live by the sword.." :


    1. 'Chas gracias, Sledge.

  9. Anonymous12:06 PM

    'Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is in "good physical shape" after undergoing planned cancer surgery in Cuba, Venezuela's vice-president says.'

    "Good physical shape" is vague and deceptive. 1. He was bloated and sick going in, he was just opened up and parts removed, and now he is in recovery. That in my book is not "good". 2. Again, no details were given. What was found, what was removed, were more malignancies found? The public is not stupid and can handle details. 3. What about Chavez mental ability? Is he drugged up, is he on anti-depressants? 4. The surgery was not "planned". It happened as quickly as it could be arranged in Cuba and foreign doctors brought in.

    Chavez should be convinced that the only was to beat the cancer is for him to never tell a lie again and to return to El Pueblo all that he and his cronies have stolen.

  10. "the only wa[y] to beat the cancer is for him to never tell a lie again and to return to El Pueblo all that he and his cronies have stolen"

    He'd sooner die, I suspect. Assuming he's even capable of stopping the lying...or of stopping theft by his cronies.

    1. You are assuming that he still knows the difference.


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