Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mythomania in Chavez bird brain

Chavez was doing yet another cadena. Surfing the waves I stumbled on him as he was "replying" to Capriles who promised that Venezuela would stop giving oil for free anymore. Instead of shutting up Chavez had to open his big mouth and look guilty, whether he did not intend it. If that was not bad enough he went to his old tired argument that when he reached office oil was at 10 a barrel and that he managed to rise it ten times.

Of course it is all baloney. You and I know that oil price increase is BRICS growth, speculation, less strikes, more expensive fields, etc...  Maybe Chavez knows/knew that too. What scared me tonight was that his body language, his voice, indicated to me that Chavez believes now that if it were not for him oil would still be a 10 usd a barrel.

Memo to Hugo: 1) stop replying to Capriles: you have no idea how to reply in an argument, and 2) consider changing your medication.


  1. Watch out, Daniel: I think here we need to do some educational work...not for blog readers but to Venezuelans living in half of Venezuela: there are many who think "antes estaban regalando el petróleo". So: we really have to talk about how stupid Chávez's statements are.
    Capriles can make jokes about Chávez who in 2009 declared the oil price decrease had to do with the capitalist problems elsewhere (HardTalk)...he has to make up his mind, etc.

    1. Never ever underestimate people's ignorance!
      Actually, now that I think of it: there are still a few people in other countries who believe that rubbish...they just haven't got a clue about economics. Read the comments on some newspapers in English: lots of PSFs declaring before Chávez "they were giving away oil at too low price levels"

    2. When he gave the "history" of how oil was given away. They ousted Castro because of oil! The empire ousted Gallegos and the honorable Román(sic)Delgado Chalbadud because of oil. Then he failed to mention the fifty/fifty or the nationalization in the 70's. The distortion was criminal.
      Regarding the price of oil, PFSs have made up a lie about Chavez being the main responsible for the rise of the price of oil. Read some post regarding that in CC.

  2. Memo to M. le Yaracuyien: Stop giving Hugo advice. Let him hang himself by his own petard.

  3. Anonymous11:45 PM

    When Chavez was running in 98, he said oil would never go over $20 again and cutback on PDVSA investments, to fund plan Bolivar

  4. It was a common tradition in the Wild West saloons of the US to offer a " free lunch" to patrons who purchased at least one drink.All the foods on offer were high in salt( like ham, cheese or salty crackers) ,so those who ate them ended up buying a lot of beer.

    'They ain't nutin' free in this here world ", no sir.'

    How are the people paying for their almost free oil?

    Remember, a Narcissist has a particular way of sleeping.First he lies on one side, then he lies on the other.

    Sometimes he almost believes in his own lies, but not really.On one side yes,but on the other, no.It depends on how conscious you think Chavez is.

    Now this is an interesting question.If we could answer it , we could answer the question of why people want a free lunch when in reality they have to pay.


  5. 'Tio' Simon must have written the below song with Chavez in mind.

    "Todo este campo es mio, mio
    esta divina soledad, aruyo de pajaros perfume de petalos, y un caballito blanco lejos"

  6. 1979 Boat People4:06 PM

    Unfortunately, if Thugo repeats this claim many many times SOME will believe it is true.

    If you don't believe me then just look at Cuba Che T-shirt sold around the World.


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